10 Dope Midwestern Photographers You Should Book For Your Wedding

10 Dope Midwestern Photographers You Should Book For Your Wedding

10 Dope Midwestern Photographers You Should Book For Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Jul 23, 2020

Part One of an ongoing series!

One of the best parts about being in the bridal industry is the comraderie that comes between vendors. It takes a village to pull off a wedding - and when you have good vendors on your side, it makes everything so much easier. Because bridal consultants participate so early in the process and we're not there on wedding day, we rely heavily on the photographers and their gorgeous photos. We've become fast friends with many photographers in the area - and we wanted to show them some love! If you're in the process of looking for a photographer for your wedding day, here are 10 tried-and-true professionals guaranteed to make your wedding day look the absolute best!

(Part One of this series is focused on Wichita-based photographers. Upcoming blogs will feature more Wichitans, the Midwest & beyond. Keep on the lookout for more & let us know your favorites!)

Shelby Laine Photography

How much do we love Shelby? Let us count the ways...there's too many! Shelby Laine is our official photographer here at Dress Gallery, which means that almost all of our gorgeous content comes from her lens. We are so thankful to have found her - she's one of the most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. Shelby makes a great wedding photographer for a ton of reasons, but the fact that she has a team of great assistants behind her, a super quick turnaround time, and a gorgeous aesthetic are the tip of the iceberg. Shelby is perfect for all types of couples - whether you want an edgy vibe or something more classic, Shelby's team can do it all. Her modern moody vibe is perfect for anyone wanting an air of edge to their photos.

Kay + Bee

Oh man, how can you even begin to discuss how good the Ashleys are? Ashley Knolla and Ashley Burbank (Akin now!) aka Kay + Bee are the epitome of badass wedding photographers. Their light, airy photography style mirrored with their infectious attitude creates authentic, gorgeous photos. All of their couples look gorgeous and happy in all of their photos - their laughter is totally real and Kay + Bee capture every second. If you're wanting ethereal photos destined to look timeless, the Ashleys should be high contenders on your list.

Justin Casanova Photography

Classic, timeless, and a burst of fresh air, Justin Casanova is a staple wedding photographer in the Wichita area and beyond. We love how unique his poses and photos are - each gallery feels curated specifically for each of his couples. He takes the time to get to know them and that extra step really shows in his galleries! His classic editing style is light, bright, and full of color contrast - which we love. Combined with his knack for catching those extra emotional moments and you won't be disappointed with Justin behind the lens!

Rebecca Rose Photography

One of our newest favorite photographers is Rebecca Rose, who photographs couples, families, and newborns as well as weddings. We have fallen in love with her effortlessly light editing style and relaxed, down-to-earth posing, and journalistic viewpoint. We've heard rave reviews from our brides about her engagement sessions and we've been floored whenever we receive wedding galleries. If you prefer a photographer who knows her way around natural light, look no further than Rebecca Rose!

Sara Reith Photography

A veteran in the wedding industry, Sara Reith has her style down. We are always in awe of how efficiently and professionally she runs her business, giving fabulous images quickly and always astounding her clients. Her packages for weddings often include engagements and anniversary sessions, which allows for to follow the love story of her couples. She's a big believer in natural light and timeless, classic photos. We wouldn't be surprised if you fell head over heels for Sara!

Tim Davis Photography

If you want a photographer with years of expertise, thousands of weddings under their belt, and a traditional viewpoint, then Tim Davis is your man. We've been falling in love with Tim's photography for the entire ten years we've been open; our sales manager loved him so much, she used him for her own wedding! Tim and his wife Lizzie make a perfect combo, effortlessly instructing brides and grooms into classic wedding poses and creating timeless galleries. Tim is a veteran and his expertise is well worth it on your wedding day!

Katy Elaine Photography

Another recent favorite of ours is Katy Elaine Photography, a flexible photographer with a unique passion for making her couples laugh. We love how she can vary her editing style based off the wants of the couple; looking for something darker, a little moodier? Katy can do that. Want something light and bright? She can do that, too. Mostly, her style surrounds around a journalistic viewpoint, capturing her couples in their natural atmosphere.

Hound and Honey

We totally fell in love with Hound & Honey's editing style and fell even more in love when we worked with her on some styled shoots. She's a riot, truly the type of hype woman you want at your wedding. She's a rockstar at navigating the hectic wedding day, along with getting you prepped and ready with tons of bride-related resources. We love her slightly yellow editing style; it matches so perfectly with her Midwestern backdrops.

Kyann Raye Photography

Another bride favorite we've heard of recently is Kyann Raye, a husband and wife duo who are no strangers to the wedding photo game. They've shot tons of our brides and we've heard rave reviews. Their engagement sessions are gorgeous and romantic, which then carries over into their fabulous wedding coverage. From the small details to the intimate moments, the Kyann Raye team is a great vendor to have on your side for your wedding day.

Justin Lister

We're a little biased, but we love Justins around here. They're just almost always good people and Justin Lister is no exception. Known for his crisp, classic photos we love Justin's slight vintage touch when it comes to his editing. He's a master of capturing motion and movement, making you feel like you're laughing and frolicking along with his couples. Combined with a keen eye and Justin is sure to capture unique, thrilling photos on your special day.

There are SO MANY MORE wonderful photographers we look forward to highlighting in our upcoming series - if we've missed your favorite, leave us a comment on Facebook to make sure we include them in our future posts!