10 MORE Dope Photographers To Use For Your Wedding

10 MORE Dope Photographers To Use For Your Wedding

10 MORE Dope Photographers To Use For Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Dec 01, 2020

Part Two of an ongoing series! Check out Part One here.

Okay, okay, our bad, guys - we meant to get this list out WAY earlier, but life got a little crazy. There are so many great photographers in our area to highlight that, honestly, we got distracted pulling images of our brides from their galleries and forgot all about this second little part. But now's the time to highlight ten more FABULOUS photographers to use for your wedding photos! Whose work do you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

Brianna Huynh Photography

Brianna is one of the sweetest photographers we've ever worked with. Our working relationship with her is new, but every time we've seen a gallery from her, we fall head-over-heels in love. Her bright and airy shooting style totally captures the love between her couples and we think she shines with natural, organic backgrounds. We love how often she second shoots with other photographers in town, too, which means you're guaranteed to get the best shots when Brianna is on your team!

Native Roaming

Daedra from Native Roaming is another one of our newest connections in the industry and we. are. obsessed. She popped in one day to introduce herself and ended up hanging out in store for almost an hour - she's that chill! Daedra would be the ultimate friend to shoot your wedding and we love her natural, organic vision. She has the gorgeous, dusty outdoor photos of your dreams DOWN.

Glynne Ashley Photography

Man, oh man, get ready to fall in love with Glynne Ashley's photography style, guys - because we did. Her natural yet moody photo style perfectly captures wedding days in the most authentic way. Every gallery we've seen from her features laughing couples and fabulously candid, real photos. If you're wanting true down-to-earth photos, check out Glynne!

Chris Cerna Photography

Time to show off a longtime Wichita favorite! We've been falling in love with Chris Cerna's work for years now and honestly, he just keeps getting better. His genuine photos, natural posing, and great personality have made him a staple in our local wedding industry. If you want someone with a great eye, lots of experience, and the cosign of many other photographers, Chris is your guy!

Brittany McCloskey Photography

Want fun, bright, colorful photos that will look totally gorgeous in 30 years? Brittany is your girl. She's a personal favorite of our consultant, Katie, and has taken her family photos for years. She is the queen of capturing natural connection and emotion in her photos. Her light editing style makes her perfect for any wedding wanting romantic and timeless photos!

Sydney Davidson

Wanting something a little ~different for your wedding photos? Look no further than Sydney Davidson, who is the queen at unique, authentic photos with a 70s feel. Her artistic eye gives her photos a one-of-a-kind vision and all of her galleries feature shots that other photographers would miss, neglect, or otherwise forget. Sydney captures details perfectly and totally creates an ethereal vibe in all of her photos. If you're wanting the perfect documentarian for your wild & free photos, Sydney is your girl.

Alexandra Burt Photography

Want the absolute sweetest photographer in the game? Then you wanna ask for Alexandra. We cannot thank her enough for all of her thoroughness in getting images to us; she reaches out to all the wedding vendors post-wedding to share galleries and show off her couples. ON TOP OF THAT, she also reaches out to your vendors BEFORE the big day to make sure there's no shots she absolutely needs. Her thoughtfulness for everyone involved to make a big day perfect is truly unique. She's one of the best for sure!

Maktography MK

You know you can trust a photographer when YOUR photographer uses her. Our love, Shelby Laine, used Mak for her own wedding photos on their big day - and to be honest, there's not a higher recommendation than we can give than that. Mak is upbeat, fun, and totally down-to-earth; she's the perfect person to have by your side on your wedding day!

Erin King Photography

Don't be like us and sleep on Erin, fam, because this girl is good. We were recently sent a bride's gallery from Erin and oh my goodness, we all lost our minds. Not only was the bride a smokeshow, but Erin's natural artistic eye created unique, emotive photos. Her gallery was a combination of traditional, romantic, upbeat, and sexy - a whirlwind of emotions in the absolute best way.

Staci Brucks Photography

Rounding out this list of 10 is Staci Brucks, affectionately known as Staci B! Her well-rounded portfolio features maternity, wedding, seniors, families, newborns, and more - she has shot it all. She's an expert at capturing the true, real moments as they happen and we love her easy, bright editing style. Check out these photos she took of our consultant, Katie!

Stay tuned for part three, where we'll feature even MORE of our favorite photographers. Have someone we're missing? Let us know on Facebook who we should feature next!