11 Bridal Masks For You & Your Party on Wedding Day!

11 Bridal Masks For You & Your Party on Wedding Day!

11 Bridal Masks For You & Your Party on Wedding Day!. Mobile Image

Nov 05, 2020

Love in the time of COVID-19 is a weird thing. Celebrating with friends and family members looks very different than this time last year; weddings have changed almost entirely. Keeping your guests safe, along with celebrating your love, has become a tricky tightrope to walk. One way brides have been able to combat COVID is by accessorizing with bridal masks. Not only are they a perfect favor for your guests, but this is a great way to show off your personality and style on your big day! Here are 10 of our favorite bridal masks we found on Etsy - found one you love? Follow the link to purchase! (No affiliations, we just love 'em! Also, Etsy makes no claims about the medical grade of these masks.)

Personalized Floral Lace Bridal Mask

This customizable bridal face mask features a soft cotton ivory fabric, your personalized text, and a fashionable asymmetric floral lace applique. The soft elastic makes for a comfortable fit!

Bridal Face Mask W/ Ivory Polka Dots

This soft and feminine mask features a soft point d'espirit pattern which is the ultimate timeless & classic pattern. This mask is available in ivory and white, along with a satin backing for comfort and luxury.

Ivory Fitted Beaded Mask

We love this chick, hand-beaded ivory masks! Featuring soft beads and an art deco-inspired pattern, this is the ultimate bridal mask for anyone having a Gatsby-esque party!

Tuxedo Inspired Black Mask

Brides aren't the only ones who need to mask up on the big day! While many grooms are opting for traditional black, this tuxedo-inspired mask is a great way to add fashion to a groom's look. We love the subtle print and adjustable straps!

White Pearl Face Mask

If you're looking for an upscale, regal-type of of vibe for your bridal mask, we definitely recommend this pearl-adorned ivory mask. A true statement piece, this mask is the perfect combination of fashionable yet functional, keeping this simplistic look totally chic!

Sequined Bachelorette Party Face Mask

If you're wanting something that screams "party," then you definitely need to take a peek at these sequined masks! Available in multiple color combos, these masks are a great way to add a little sparkle and shine to your wedding day, bachelorette party, or simply girls' night! If you're ready to dance the night away, this is the mask for your party!

Women's Luxe Satin Face Mask

We are absolutely swooning over these chic, beaded satin face masks! Soft and comfortable for all day wear, we love how they're elevated with hand-sewn beaded detailing and adjustable straps. Available in black, ivory, nude, and blush, there is a perfect compliment to your wedding look - guaranteed!

Satin Nude Face Mask With Filter Pocket

If you're wanting to avoid traditional bridal ivory with your masks, these gorgeous satin masks feature a variety of nude tones, tiny pearl details, and adjustable straps! We love the inclusive variety of colors, allowing for you to truly pick your nude tone. Match to your nails and shoes for a put-together look.

Black and White Lace Face Masks

We think that these face masks are the ultimate accessory for any bride wanting a traditional black tie affair. Featuring three different types of laces and available in both black & white color options, these delicate yet sophisticated masks are a great way to elevate your wedding look. Featuring adjustable straps and a nude undertone, you're guaranteed to stun with these fabulous masks!

LED Glow Luminous Face Masks

If you're planning a P A R T Y for your reception, then you definitely need these LED glowing face masks! These are pretty much asking for a glowstick exit - have your guests line up and watch your exit shine with spectacular colors as you end your night!

Golden Lace Face Masks

Ready to add some bohemian flair to your wedding day?! Look no further than this fashion-forward gold fringe mask! A total statement piece, we think this mask would look perfect on a modern, stylish bride! We get some serious Orville Peck vibes from this and we are waiting to see a bridal fashionista rock this cool look.

Which masks would you rock on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!