11 Unique & Totally Cool Escort Card Ideas

11 Unique & Totally Cool Escort Card Ideas

11 Unique & Totally Cool Escort Card Ideas. Mobile Image

Jan 10, 2021

It's such a small detail, but we love escort cards. When you have assigned seating, creating a unique and interactive way to display names is a great way to add fun & flair to your wedding. This is also a great way to personalize your day and make something totally special to you. Pulling in your themes, colors, and favorite items can showcase your personality! Check out some of our favorite unique escort cards below.

"Find Your Party Animal" glitter animals

Dinosaurs and zoo animals are having a wedding moment and we are HERE FOR IT. Any opportunity to bring in animals on your big day is a perfect way to show some whimsical flair. Keep these details formal and upscale by painting them in metallic accents!

Retro cassette tapes

Having a throwback wedding and want to really show off your 90s side? We think these cassette tapes are so cute and a great way to add some dimension to your photos. We've never seen something iconic like this used as a wedding detail - we love how cool it is!

DIY dip-dyed escort cards

If you're wanting a way to save some cash, DIY-ing your escort cards is a great option. These super simple cards are dip-dyed in the wedding color palette and feature a bold, modern font. These totally unique and one-of-a-kind escort cards keep your day effortless and organic!

Dried fruit + vellum

There's just something so classic and chic about dried fruit and with the added pop of vellum, this is a great way to take something easy and make it classy. You could easily swap these orange slices for other fruits that fit your vibe/color palette, or you could mix-and-match for a fun, funky style.

Growlers, jugs, etc.

Instead of creating a space where everyone gathers to look for names, creating centerpieces that also serve as escort cards is a great way to increase flow for your event. This will allow guests to walk around freely while finding their names instead of everyone waiting in a line to see where they belong. We love these cool, down-to-earth painted growlers - perfect for any beer fans!

Origami birds, paper airplanes, and more!

If you're wanting something that truly has a special touch, we think these origami place cards are a perfect combination of sweet and special. The amount of care and effort that goes into creating even one of these birds is special, but to have one for every wedding guest? It'd be a truly gorgeous photo and a great keepsake for guests.

Raw oysters!

A little bit on the boujie side? We fell head-over-heels with this organic and natural escort card display by using real, raw oyster shells! After cleaning, these chic and sparkly details would make a perfect addition to any nautical wedding. Utilizing organic pieces like this definitely elevates your event.

Take a shot & your seat!

If you're having a party at your wedding, there's no better way to get everything started than having the reception start with alcohol all around! These Patron shots topped with limes are a great way to celebrate a tequila-loving couple, but we've seen a little bit of everything - Moscow Mule shots, champagne glasses, etc. A little liquid courage and your dance floor will be full before you know it!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall....

One of our favorite new trends we've seen in weddings is the use of mirrors as signs; we've seen brides use them for just about everything, but we love the use of mirrors as escort cards. The mix-and-match vibe of the mirrors keeps everything bohemian and down-to-earth; combine this look with some gorgeous dried florals & pampas grass!

Terra cotta pieces

Rust & terra cotta are hot colors for 2021 and utilizing real terra cotta is a great way to pull everything together. We love the asymmetrical, organic edge of these broken pieces! If you're wanting something more put together, we've seen brides utilize round terra cotta plant saucers - either way, we love the unique look!

Colorful, tessellated tiles

Whether you're wanting something more subdued or a bright pop of color, tiles are a great way to show off your colors/theme while still keeping a formal feel. We love these blue accented tiles with a boxwood backdrop - a great combination of upscale yet down-to-earth. We think that Spanish tiles, with their bright bursts of colors, would be gorgeous too!

Which is your favorite escort card idea?! Which would you want at your wedding? Let us know in the comments!