13 Spooky Ways to Make Your Wedding A Ghoulish Affair

13 Spooky Ways to Make Your Wedding A Ghoulish Affair

13 Spooky Ways to Make Your Wedding A Ghoulish Affair. Mobile Image

Oct 21, 2020

So, we love spooky szn here at Dress Gallery. Like, Halloween is our jam. We love any opportunity to add just a little bit of ghoulishness to any occasion and we love when our brides agree. If you're feeling a little extra mystical this season, here are 13 delicious ways to add just a touch of spooky to your wedding day.

Is there any thing quite so fancy and mystical than smoking cocktails? If you're wanting your guests to feel like they're drinking the most devilishly delicious witch's brew, creating an atmospheric experience by adding liquid nitrogen to the cocktails ups the ambiance and "wow!" factor!

A moody and dark statement cake is a great way to add contrast on your wedding day. Sitting on the stark white and gold table, this cake is sure to be eye-catching to every guests and mysteriously decorated enough to make everyone wonder what delicious flavors lay inside. Combined with soft, feminine touches in the decorating, this androgynous cake is the ultimate dessert show stopper!

This handmade, custom coffin ring box is the ultimate spooky detail. What better way to show "Til Death Do Us Part" than small representations of the afterlife, right? The compartments allow space for both rings, making it the perfect backdrop for those gorgeous ring detail shots!

Set the spooky tone of your wedding early by creating your own gothic-chic invitation suites! Black, white, mixed metals, and pops of color keep your invitations edgy yet elegant. Add in some art designs specific to you and your spouse and these suites can be customized to fit your spook level. We recommend reaching out to a local tattoo artist to help create your look - a great way to get a unique design!

Bringing in accents of your favorite ghouls and monsters is another great way to add fun, creative accents to your wedding. Werewolf paws creating walk ways or these painted vampire teeth as place cards are small ways to little bit of whimsy to your wedding!

Is it really a spooktacular wedding if there aren't skull details? Skulls are probably the ultimate gothic wedding accent, which makes them perfect to use in almost any capacity. Adding colored, bedazzled, or even matte skulls is an easy way to customize your wedding decor while also maintaining an edgy vibe.

Ornate frames are having a MOMENT right now and we are here for it. We see them most often on mirrors like the one above, used as signage for the wedding, but we've also seen them used with table numbers, photo table detailing, and even for a guest book! Using ornate, Victorian looking frames is an easy way to make your event elegant, but with a touch of goth, too!

There is almost nothing as dramatic for a spooky wedding as a black veil. This traditionally white accessory can instantly make any look bridal, but changing it out for black creates an entirely different illusion. With a black veil, you're mysterious and sexy, a little edgy and dangerous. Combined with beautiful black lace to keep everything feminine and soft, a black veil is the best of both worlds.

Using your unity ceremony as a way to show your mutual weirdness is a great opportunity to make your wedding day your own. We're a little partial to the above choice, featuring the sandworm from Beetlejuice, one of the ultimate spooky movies. Combine black-and-white detailing with pops of green & purple and you'll have your guests low key wondering if the Ghost with Most will be popping up!

So there's just something mystical and spooky about smoke/fog - don't ask us, we don't make the rules. If you want to add drama to any photo opportunity, pop a smoke bomb right before and let nature do its' work to create a moody, wild atmosphere. We recommend a dark and moody color palette; we love when bright orange and purple bombs are used when the wedding party is dressed in darker colors. Add in a creepy location like a cemetery or abandoned building and you're guaranteed to have the spookiest photos!

Creating a memorable guest experience is one of the most important parts of creating a modern wedding and what better way to get your guests in a magical state of mind than with a tarot reading? Instead of a photobooth, let a local tarot reader read the palms and cards of your guests. Not only is this a fun, interesting way for guests to pass time at your wedding, but its' also a guaranteed way to make sure the cosmic energies are awakened at your wedding.

Monochromatic black-on-black is the ultimate way to create your spooky color palette come to life. It seems counter intuitive, but layering different blacks creates dimension in your photos and also highlights your love for the darkest, spookiest color. Add in black candles and candlesticks, place settings, frames, cutlery, and more to help add an air of drama to your decor. The only thing better? Getting those gorgeous wax drips on your candles!

Your ceremony arbor is another great location to add gothic drama. Whether you're wanting something ultra modern and smooth (like black iron) or something more organic (like the dried foliage above), you can definitely achieve your dream spooky look. We recommend keeping the look a little bare, with lots of negative space to really highlight you as a couple!

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