2021 Prom Looks at Dress Gallery!

2021 Prom Looks at Dress Gallery!

2021 Prom Looks at Dress Gallery!. Mobile Image

Feb 18, 2021

So we know the world's real weird right now and the fate of prom hangs in the balance......maybe that's a little dramatic, but we are all in our feels about the uncertainty surrounding proms. We totally feel for all of the high schoolers whose traditions are changing or being skipped all together. We've had to adapt our prom buying experience due to COVID-19 (got questions? Check out the Prom FAQ here.) All of it is kind of a bummer, which is why we decided to do a quick, fun photoshoot of some of our select prom dresses.

We wanted an opportunity for our lovely prom girls to get dolled up and get some fabulous photos taken. Most of the girls modeling these dresses for us are DG employees who work so hard for us during prom season, so this was a way for us to give back - and showcase some fabulous dresses, just in case, ya know?

Thx Shelbs for being you, we love you boo boo.

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