2021 Wedding Trends According To Etsy Experts

2021 Wedding Trends According To Etsy Experts

2021 Wedding Trends According To Etsy Experts. Mobile Image

Sep 03, 2020

Etsy is one of the leaders in the wedding industry. They might not be the company you think of at the forefront of bridal, but their boutique e-commerce business has its finger on the pulse of all things wedding, home decor, vintage fashion, and more. Their ability to predict color trends and style changes make them experts in designing your big day. Here are some of the predictions the experts at Etsy see for upcoming brides:

70s-inspired / groovy wedding vibes

The 70s are having a major moment right now. Between mustard yellow, burnt orange, and chartreuse green making big comebacks, the textures of the 70s, along with the groovy accents, are huge in weddings right now. The bohemian style essentially was created in the 70s, so we're loving all the throwback accents brides & grooms are choosing for their wedding day. Whether that's a dusty color palette, fringe details, or even some serious disco balls, there are tons of ways to incorporate the 70s into your big day!

Wellness party favors

2020 is definitely the year of self-care. With such priorities shifting toward personal care, wedding favors that help your guests are becoming all the rage. Whether you're giving them charged energy crystals for good vibrations, lavender-scented candles for relaxation, exfoliating scrubs to cleans & refresh, or many more, there are tons of unique, different ways to incorporate encouraging your guests to treat themselves by using your small favors. Think bath bombs, hangover kits, or handmade soaps!

Alternative wedding cakes

Wedding cakes is one of those staple traditions at most weddings - it's half the reason people come to the wedding, right? But let's be honest, traditional wedding cake can be, well, underwhelming. New, unique ways to involve the couple's personality and food tastes has emerged, one of which is swapping out your usual cake for something different and personalized! Some of our favorites we've seen have been donut walls, pretzel bars, cookie cakes, and our personal fav - cheese wheels!

Micro weddings or "minimonies"

Thanks to COVID-19, weddings as we know it have totally changed. While some brides are waiting patiently for their to host a big affair, many brides have shifted focus and instead are getting married with only the closest of love ones, creating micro weddings, normally characterized by under 20 people. No bridal party, no extra fuss - just a ceremony full of love & a great dinner reception. This is a great way to have an intimate moment with loved ones while still celebrating you & your spouse!

Over-the-top mood lighting

Extravagance is one wedding theme that will never go out of style; we love seeing the drama of oversized florals, massive tablescapes, and most recently, some seriously fantastic mood lighting. Instead of being confined to whatever your venue has, brides have opted to bring in their own lighting to create the atmosphere they're wanting. This is particularly true for outdoor ceremonies, where twinkling lights and Edison bulbs illuminate you under the stars. Bringing in your own lighting allows you to totally control the mood of your event and makes for stunning photos!

'Not-so-white' weddings aka color galore!

One of the biggest trends in wedding right now, and one we don't forsee going anywhere, is incorporating color into your big day. The traditional black-and-white affair has primarily seen its' day as most brides gravitate toward color palettes that accent their interests and personalities. We love seeing the vibrant colors brides choose to showcase on their wedding day - whether that be in their details, their bridal party attire, or even their own dress! We truly love how weddings are becoming fun celebrations of love instead of stuffy, formal affairs. Check out these ultra fun & colorful details!