5 Modern Twists on Bridal Traditions

5 Modern Twists on Bridal Traditions. Mobile Image

Jan 17, 2020

When planning a wedding, the majority of advice given to newly engaged brides includes a lot of bridal traditions to decide whether you want to adhere to. Whether you're a bride who revels in tradition or you decide to do something completely new, we think there's a great middle ground for brides who want to honor the past but celebrate their own personality! Below are some of our favorite examples of different wedding traditions spun in a way to please modern brides. Edible Wedding Favors Always Please a Crowd! When deciding on wedding favors, many brides these days decide to focus on guest entertainment (with services such as a photobooth or live wedding painting), but there's something to be said about items your guest can take home with them to remember your special day by. While there are tried-and-true favorites, like koozies or mint boxes, wedding favors are a great way to put a personalized spin on your wedding. Pick something that compliments your likes & interests or, perhaps most popularly, something your guests can eat! Edible wedding favors are a great option because they allow a late night snacking option while also taking something useful back home. Some ideas include personalized hot sauce bottles, popcorn takeaways, or even a bag of coffee beans! Grandparents as Flower "Girls" are the CUTEST! Family is often the most important part of any wedding ceremony; being surrounded by loved ones as you say "I Do" is a truly memorable event to cherish for a lifetime. The traditional bridal party roles, however, can be anything BUT traditional - especially if you have a fun family to help you do it! Pictured above are two examples of grandmother's being utilized as flower girls and bridal party members. We'd think it'd be just as cute to include grandpa as a "ring bearer" as well! This gives the important people in your life a big role in your wedding, but in a way that will spread smile & joy to all of your guests! Skip the Bouquet...Walk Your Dog Together! There is nothing cuter than having your fur babies with you on your wedding day, but what's the best way to include them? Having something active works best for pets; it allows them to be their true, energetic selves without feeling like you need to keep them quiet. We absolutely love the idea of bride & grooms walking down the aisle TOGETHER - they're truly starting their life together. And what better way to show off your family than including your little ones? Allowing your dogs to walk down the aisle with you creates a beautiful moment for you & your spouse while also making some FABULOUS photos. Spice up your pup's leashes with some fresh florals and a bowtie for the occasion & you're ready to go! Something Old, Something New....Something Soft, Too?? Adding texture to your wedding day is a great way to add visual interest to your photos and also keep your guests entertained. Velvet has been having a moment right now and we hope that it lasts forever. We want to put velvet everywhere - on your groomsmen, on your bridesmaids, on the tables, on the chairs....you get the picture. Small accents like bouquet ribbons or cute bows in your hair allow for romantic, whimsical touches while also keeping the details in mind! Funky, Cool Bouquets (That Can Take or Leave the Florals!) Bouquets don't have to be full of florals to make an impact and we love the idea of making cool, quirky collections based off your favorite things! Mixing multiple mediums along with flowers gives your bouquet an edgy yet feminine vibe which also allowing you to customize your bouquet to your wedding dream. We love the lemon & lavender version based above, along with the skull & cacti bouquet that truly captured the brides spirit. The silk butterfly bouquet is the perfect whimsical piece to add to any ethereal dress!