5 Trendy Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Look

5 Trendy Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Look

5 Trendy Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Look. Mobile Image

Oct 06, 2020

Brides these days are getting uber creative when it comes to their bridal accessories. Goodbye, simplistic crystal jewelry and hello personal, fun accents! There are a ton of different accessories to complete your wedding look, whether you're wanting something timeless or trendy. These are some of our surprise favorites we've seen! Tell us which are your favorites in the comments and/or on Facebook!

Rock a bridal hair bow!

If you're wanting a unique yet whimsical accent to your bridal look, we 100% recommend bridal hair bows. We love the soft pearl and tulle accent that adds a hint of romance to your overall look. Complete the style with bridal party pony and you're sure to be the most energetic, upbeat bride!

Look like royalty in a cape!

Not a veil girl? We understand. We are totally loving the trend of brides who are creating the same bridal look, but with capes instead! Having your tulle accent attach at the shoulders or neck instantly creates a look of royalty and high fashion. Adorn yourself with an additional crown and this is a look made for a queen!

Bundle up in a bridal jacket or sweater!

We've all seen the super cute & fun customized bridal jackets in leather & denim; they've become a big hit for brides wanting to showcase their personal, down-to-earth styles. But for brides who want to feel a little more ~high fashion on their wedding day, having a tailored, fashionable bridal jacket or loose sweater totally can escalate your look. Taking your original gorgeous gown and having a custom topper made totally gives you freedom for a look change later while also keeping your ceremony look edgy and sophisticated!

Tip your hat to the skies!

Brides have recently flocked toward the bridal hat trend and we are H E R E F O R I T. Hats are a great way to add a pop of spunk while also allowing more space to highlight your florals! There's also always the added benefit of sun protection if you're getting married outside. We think that hats are the ultimate accessory for any elopement bride!

Walk into your ceremony PURSE FIRST.

So you've got a rockin' gown with fabulous shoes and a gorgeous hairstyle....what are you going to carry all your essentials in? A wedding day bag is a great way to carry your wedding day necessities in a stylish way. Make sure Kleenex, Chapstick, and snacks are not far away by finding a clutch to match your dress! Plus, for all the RuPaul Drag Race lovers out there, it's the perfect opportunity to walk into a room purse first.