6 Unique 2022 Wedding Color Palettes!

6 Unique 2022 Wedding Color Palettes!. Mobile Image

Apr 23, 2021

Coming up with a wedding color palette can be so difficult. Many brides want something trendy, but also timeless for their big day and colors vary so much based off seasons. These are a few of our favorite color palettes we've been seeing for 2022 weddings! Thanks to fellow bloggers Tulle & Chantilly for these gorgeous color photo sets. We've combined their aesthetics & vision with bridesmaids dresses we have available in house! So if these are your wedding colors, girl - we've got you. Let us know your favorite on Facebook! We LOVE this classic spin on the burgundy/bordeaux trend. Maroon-based colors will always be stylish, but we love how brides are turning to a slightly purple undertone to give their day. This creates a totally different mood and definitely lightens up the color palette, which makes this perfect for spring & summer weddings that still wants a moody undertone. We'd recommend Jasmine Bridal's "Scarlet" color or something similar to complete this look! Um, we're not supposed to play favorites, but if we WERE.....then this would be our favorite palette. This gorgeously ethereal deep sea palette allows for multiple color hues ranging from light to dark, creating the perfect mix-and-match look for your bridesmaids. Tie it all together with gold accents throughout and you have the perfect combination of whimsical and romantic. We think that Morilee's "Deep Sea," "Teal," and "Sky" would make the ultimate dreamy look for your girls! We are absolutely loving the jewel tones this season; they're perfect for all seasons and, when you add a pop of bright color like dusty rose, you're guaranteed to create a palette that's complimentary to everyone in your bridal party. Emerald is a great way to add a little bit of formality to an event, as well - if you decide to do a luxurious fabric like satin instead of chiffon, you immediately create a more formal look! This color palette is great for any type of event and we can't wait to see how brides take this inspiration for their big days. We recommend Jasmine's "Emerald" or Kanali K's "Primose" or "Dusty Rose" for this look! You seriously cannot go wrong with a classic navy blue look. There will never be a time, place, or season where navy doesn't work - we're firm believers. Dark enough to be moody, sophisticated, and slimming, but brighter than black, navy is the ultimate color for weddings. Add in metallic accents, such as gold, and you're guaranteed to have an elegant yet beautiful look. You can't go wrong with navy blue bridesmaids dresses in any fabric. Chiffon looks great for summer, while satin and velvet make great options for fall!   We love yellow here. Literally all hues of yellow - they're literally gorgeous. Mustard yellow, with its' dusty undertone, has become a super popular option for fall weddings and we are here for it! Mustard yellow is one of the easiest colors to accent against, as its' bright and airy, which allows you to go whatever direction with your other colors you might want. We love the traditional greenery look to keep your day chic and timeless. We'll be honest, though, chicks - yellow isĀ the hardest color to find, match, and look good on your girls. Designers have different variations of mustard and each is unique, unlike navy and burgundy colors that are fairly universal. To make your life easier, we recommend staying a little more traditional with your yellow colors, making them closer to gold accents to compliment every skin tone in your bridal party. Here are a few yellow + gold options we love! Don't be afraid to go a little monochromatic! One of our favorite new trends is brides sticking with ONE color throughout their day, but utilizing the entire color hue spectrum to showcase variation. This pink-themed wedding is perfect, featuring berry undertones with pops of pastels. You could do this with any colors (blues in particular would look gorgeous!) and it's guaranteed to look good at every venue and on everyone in your bridal party. This color palette is also perfect for brides wanting to create that mismatched look for their photos; let your party pick the color that speaks to them! We have a huge array of pinks for you to choose from - here are some of our favs: Which is your favorite color palette? Would you do any of these for your 2022 wedding? Let us know on Facebook!