6 Ways to Include Your Fur Babies in Your Wedding!

6 Ways to Include Your Fur Babies in Your Wedding!

6 Ways to Include Your Fur Babies in Your Wedding!. Mobile Image

Sep 18, 2020

We totally understand how important it is for pet parents to honor their fur babies on their special day. If the whole point is to celebrate your love and your family coming together, why would you exclude one of the most important members? Some fur babies might be able to actually make an appearance, while others are celebrating from afar. Either way, here are some great ways to incorporate your love for your pets on your wedding day!

Probably the most popular way we've seen couples include their pets is in creation of a signature cocktail. This is a great way to play with creativity, not only creating the perfect drink for your event, but also with a fun title and picture to showcase its namesake. Not only will they be conversation starters for your guests, but it also creates something totally unique for your wedding!

Another great way to include your pet is by having them in the wedding party! Utilizing your pet as a ring bearer or flower girl is a great way to include them, especially if there's a stroller or wagon they can sit in to bask in all the glory. Adorn the wagon with coordinating flowers and a fun sign to create a fun and fabulous photo op as they come down the aisle!

Having your puppers (or kitties or any fabulous pet!) play center stage on your desserts is a great way to keep your details whimsical and fun. Whether you choose to utilize cake toppers, hidden fondant details, or to give them the entire groom's cake like above, your desserts are a great way to give a shout out to your four-legged friends!

Another great way to honor your furry friends is by adding in pet-approved wedding favors! Small favors such as Milkbones or other dog treats are a small way to show your guests you're thinking of all the family members - even the ones who couldn't come!

Can't choose a wedding party? Unsure of who you'd want to stand next to you? Many modern couples are bypassing traditional wedding parties and instead are focusing their energy on their furry loved ones. Having your pets as your bridal party is a great way to highlight the special relationship you have while also keeping the focus solely on you!

Another way to incorporate your pets is by taking special bridal portraits with them! These are sure to cause waterworks whenever you get your wedding photos back. Having pictures taken of you and your pet on your wedding day is a great way to look back on those memories long after the day has passed!

These are just a few ways we thought of to incorporate your pets into your event. Did you have your fur baby in your wedding? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!