A Quick Guide to Our Fav Local Florists

A Quick Guide to Our Fav Local Florists. Mobile Image

Dec 03, 2018

We get asked by brides all the time to refer vendors. In the wedding industry, trust is key and the best referral is by word of mouth. When we have brides ask us who they should use for any of their vendors, we're often flattered and just as overwhelmed as they are. There are so many fabulous people in the Wichita & surrounding areas to help make your event a total dream. To make a comprehensive list of all our favorites would be nearly impossible, but we wanted to shine a light on a few of our favorite florists. These vendors are sure to knock your flower arrangements out of the park! Free State Flora We might be biased on how much we love Emily, as she's related to our sales manager, Jillian, but no one can deny her talent when it comes to flowers. She's created so many beautiful displays for DG and we love seeing her bouquet creations, especially for our brides. With an eye for the timeless, Emily creates breathtaking arrangements that will stand the stylish test of time, no matter your vibe or aesthetic. Take a peek at some of Emily's work below! Dean's Designs Dean's Designs is a Wichita-owned business located in the College Hill area known for their eccentric and unique arrangements. They create anything from timeless and classic pieces to the wild and cascading. Dean's prides themselves on creating looks that are specific to each bride and offer a multitude of services to help each bride make their vision truly come to life. Their high-end contemporary looks set them a part of your average florist. If you're looking for arrangements that will truly stun, check out these examples of Dean's Designs! Moore Flowers Moore Flowers is another Wichita-owned florists, located out west on Maize road. We have consistently seen beautiful work from Moore's and our brides RAVE about their arrangements in their post-wedding vendor reviews. We've been so blessed to see Moore's influence spread throughout Wichita and we are so excited for their growth! These photos from their styled photo shoot with Kay and Bee photography are only a small tidbit of the gorgeous designs they can create! Beards Floral Quite possibly the florist with the coolest name in town, Beards Floral has been a Wichita staple ever since its' opening. With a taste for the whimsical, Beards Floral loves creating large arrangements, often with cascading flowers, looped stems and leaves, and truly one of a kind visions. They love creating new ways to make statements with florals and often use other nature elements. For a bride who wants a bouquet unlike anything she's ever seen, or probably will see again, Beards would be a good place to start! Stems Stems is probably one of the most well-known floral shops in Wichita. They specialize in all types of unique designs, but have a distinct taste for the romantic. They do a great job of taking a brides vision and adding just a little extra to make it pop. While their color palettes are often more soft and neutral, that's not to say that Stems' arrangements are anything short of gorgeous every time. Wichita brides have been using Stems for all their wedding floral design for years and, with the new and fun arrangements we've seen from them, we can't imagine them going anywhere! Check out some of their stunning pieces below. There are so many more florists in the Wichita area; some are locally-owned while others are larger operations. We've seen beautiful bouquets from both types of shops! The biggest part of making sure your florals look how you'd like on your wedding day to have clear communication with your florist, but also finding a shop whose look and artistry you trust. Most florists are happy to create a specialized look for your wedding day, as long as you know what you'd like!