Channeling Our Inner Khaleesi at the Wichita Renaissance Festival

Channeling Our Inner Khaleesi at the Wichita Renaissance Festival. Mobile Image

Apr 19, 2019

So you know the DG girls love a styled photo shoot. We are all about collaborating with other vendors to create a totally unique vision, especially when it allows us to live out our nerdiest fantasies. Like most of the world, we are obsessed with Game of Thrones and wanted to channel that energy and vibe. We were totally inspired by the fabulous fashion on the show but were curious what a modern bride would want in her GoT-inspired wedding. With the Wichita Renaissance Festival in town, it became the perfect backdrop to showcase this beautiful Moonlight Couture gown. Check out some of our favorite images below! (Courtesy of our girl, Shelby Laine Photography, of course!) We styled our bridal consultant, Kayla, in a beautiful Moonlight Couture gown features a v neck with a criss-cross design and beading. The sleeves are also a flowy, open medieval sleeve that perfectly fits the Renaissance vibe. We love how cozy and warm these shots look with all the different fabric textures surrounding Kayla! Combined with a crystal necklace and leaf laser cut-out earrings, we wanted the styling for this shoot to be as earthy and natural as possible. We took inspiration from current brides who are loving the mixed metals, crystals, and edgier jewelry for their big day instead of something dainty. The accompanying parasol keeps the vibe whimsical and romantic while also focusing on more Renaissance-specific details. How cute would a photo under this parasol be, kissing your spouse for the first time?! Kayla is STEALING THE SHOW with this smoky, edgy vibe, complete with bear rug (an antique! We promise!) and deer skull. There's something hauntingly beautiful surrounding items most would associate with death and decay and instead turning them into symbols of beauty and strength. There are some serious khaleesi vibes with this shoot! Want to channel your inner queen at your wedding? Come in to Dress Gallery and let us know your wildest dreams - we'd love to make them come true!