DG Education: Designer Deep Dive

DG Education: Designer Deep Dive

Hey there, Dress Gallery fam! We are deep diving into our beloved designers today! We hope this post helps brides understand the designers we carry, their aesthetics, their price ranges, their differences, and more! Dress Gallery consultants never expect brides to remember styles or designer information, but we know that some brides like to have information before they even begin their search. We hope this post helps those brides narrow down to some favorite options, which helps their DG consultant knock styling out of the park! Ready? Let's go!


First, we wanna start with some of the name brand designers that we carry. These are the photos that we feature on our website; we are an authorized retailer of these dresses, meaning if you found them elsewhere, we can also get our hands on these gown! We're going to go through the designers and their collections, their price points, and some very loose aesthetic descriptors to help you understand the differences!


Essense of Australia is an Australian-owned company, founded by a fabulous woman named Martine, whose US Headquarters are based in Lenexa, KS. We LOVE the EOA girls because their customer service is great, their shipping is super fast, and their production is on point. They're always on time, have great quality control, and generally have a really great bang-for-your-buck when it comes to design features and price point! Essense of Australia carries a few collections within their design house. Here at Dress Gallery, we carry their Stella York, Essense of Australia, and private in house collections. That means that any Stella York or Essense gown, we can get our hands on!


Essense of Australia normally ranges from $1499 to $2499 here in our store. These dresses feature more structure, nicer materials, more beading, longer trains, and often a little more "WOW" than their siblings. Stella York dresses range from $1299 to $1799 here at Dress Gallery. These dresses are often simpler, with more intentional lace and beading placement as they are often not used throughout. Stella trains have a tendency to be shorter/lower maintenance. We often describe Essense brides as timeless, romantic, and bougie. This brand loves shimmer, showing off a bride's silhouette, and making a statement. Whether you're a boho bride eloping in the mountain or a traditional Church ceremony bride, Essense has a large collection for all brides wanting to feel timeless and traditional on their wedding day.


Morilee by Madeline Garner is one of Dress Gallery's longest standing designers. Morilee features a variety of collections, including their namesake Morilee collection, MGNY by Madeline Garner (which is exclusive to DG in our area!), Blu, Voyage, Amy & Eve, and also their stunning Julietta collection. We carry all collections of Morilee by Madeline Garner and as a preferred Morilee retailer, we can get our hands on almost anything. We love Morilee because they are a great bread-and-butter designer. They do the best when it comes to getting a lot of design features in a smaller price point. If you're a traditional bride wanting structure, lace, beading, a dramatic train, AND something timeless, we definitely recommend checking out Morilee. Their designs are always fashion-forward, but rarely "trendy." They pride themselves on creating modern wedding dresses that don't feel like they won't age well as brides look at their photos year after year. Here at Dress Gallery, our Morilee gowns range anywhere from $1299 to $2499 - just depending on the amount of WOW you're wanting!


Allure Bridals is one of Dress Gallery's newer partnerships, but we've become OBSESSED with his company ever since we've partnered with them. Allure is one of the few designers that does customizations. For additional fees, Allure will allow you to customize ALMOST anything on your dress. We love the freedom and creativity this gives to our brides! For once, if you ask "Can we take the top of this dress and the bottom of another?" - if they're both Allure gowns, the answer is YES! Allure features their namesake collection, along with Allure Romance, Madison James, Wilderly, Abella, and Allure Couture. Here at Dress Gallery, we carry all their collections, with the largest amount being from their Allure, Abella, and Madison James collections. These dresses range anywhere from $1299 (Allure Romance, Allure, and some Madison James) to $2399 (Abella, Allure Couture) with the average price point for most of the dresses being around $1899. We are also an Allure Menswear retailer, meaning we can also order purchase suit and tuxedos for your groom at a rockin' price as well! Allure is a great all-over brand perfect for any bride. Their collection feature a WIDE range of styles. Wilderly, for instance, is Allure's "boho" specific collection while Madison James is their more fashion-forward, trendy, Gen Z type of collection. Allure Romance and Allure Bridals? These are timeless, romantic dresses with interesting twists. Finally, Allure Couture and Abella are for showstopping brides who want heads to turn when they walk in a room. Regardless of your aesthetic, there's DEFINITELY an Allure dress for you here at DG!


Opal & Lace is a private collection that Dress Gallery brought in within the last year to help fill holes in our inventory. What does a private collection mean? That means this group of dresses was created by a designer who does not have a brand name. There are no stock photos or model images in these dresses; that's why they're not on our website! This means we have a whole collection of dresses that our consultants can pull that aren't available to be perused online. Private label dresses are awesome because they come with area exclusivity (meaning we're the only one in the area allowed to carry ALL the collections from this private designer). It's also nice because we can order variations of dresses to help you customize your look! Our Opal & Lace gowns are whimsical, romantic, and a little bohemian - full of floral laces, glitter layers, and tons of champagne undertones. These dresses range from $1299-$1699 and are truly unique!


Ethereal Beauty is our most recent Dress Gallery exclusive collection that we brought in and we are LOVING. IT. Ethereal Beauty dresses are named after us consultant's favorite goddesses, witches, and overall awesome fantasy women. We wanted this collection to feel fantastical and bougie in all the best ways. We specifically picked dresses that had unique design features like 3D florals, textured glitter skirts, or unique backs to help curate collection of dresses that truly stand out. We've been able to customize dresses with this designer so our brides truly feel like they have one-of-a-kind dresses. Our Ethereal Beauty gown range from $1299 to $1999 depending on the amount of detailing, so there's ALWAYS an Ethereal gown for a bride at any price point!


Finally, our last designer is Chic Nostalgia, a family-owned company that is KILLING the bohemian dress design game. Chic is definitely one of our most unique collections of gowns; they are truly unafraid to design for the fashion-forward bride in mind. Their ethereal, whimsical gowns are full of unique design features that other collections simply don't have - three dimensional floral detailing, huge tulle skirts, unique sleeves, and untraditional lace patterns. Plus, Chic offers customization options for brides who want to make their dresses truly bespoke for them! We love that they allow this option for brides to truly customize their perfect gown.


And that's a wrap! We hope that this quick look over our designers gives you a better understanding of Dress Gallery's collections and what type of bride you might be!