DG Spotlight: April

DG Spotlight: April. Mobile Image

Nov 20, 2018

Our next spotlight member of #DGWichita is our fearless leader, the owner of Dress Gallery April! April opened DG in December of 2008 and is super excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her business this year! April is in charge of, well, everything, but also a veteran member of the bridal industry, she's one of the major reasons why Dress Gallery's reputation and stellar customer service has been unstoppable for the last decade! April is the owner of Dress Gallery, which means she does just about everything. From the day-to-day tasks, to training, to selling bridal gowns, to ordering prom/formalwear, and more, April does it all. She taught all of us everything we know and slowly, we're trying to learn everything she knows, too. April has been in the bridal industry for over a decade, the majority of that as the head honcho here at #DGWichita. When in doubt, ask April! When it comes to being a bridal consultant, April's favorite thing is getting to know her brides and feeling like she's connected with them. She likes having her brides enjoy their time! She's much more focused on the interpersonal relationship than she is the sale; understanding a bride's vision and being a part of the joyous moments with friends and family is the best part of April's job! Brides have loved April's open and communicative approach to selling; she's honest, always, and loves helping everyone find their best outfit for their important day. When April isn't running the show at DG, she's relaxing at home in her beautiful home with her husband, Jason. They love travelling and experiencing new cultures; April is a Taiwanese native, so they enjoy going back to visit her family each year! April is also an avid runner and fitness enthusiast. She loves getting the DG girls together to run races! April also loves catching catfish in her pond! This is April and her prime catch this past Labor Day! When giving advice to her new brides, April is a no-nonsense type of consultant. "Follow your own heart and stick to it, regardless of what people say," April says. "Find a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful!" If April could recommend any restaurant in Wichita, her surefire answer: "Kimchi Korean Restaurant!"