DG Spotlight: Courtney

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May 18, 2020

Alright, fam - the time has come. My name is Courtney and I run the blog here at Dress Gallery. I've given a little blurb about all of my coworkers and now it's time to introduce myself! Also, this is an excuse to post my wedding photos; I recently got married this past October, so sorry for shameless promotion of my fabulous photographer, Bele Benard. Literally all of these photos are her gorgeousness, give her a shout! So where to begin? I'm Courtney, obviously. I am a Wichita native, having been born and raised here in the Sunflower State. I graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in creative writing in 2014. (Cue why I wanted to take over the blog!) I was very lucky to attend National Student Exchange and go to school at the University of Northern Colorado for a year. I absolutely loved my time in Greeley. Go Bears! I started working at Dress Gallery in July of 2018 but I've been styling for years. Before I worked in dresses, I sold high-end eyewear. If you needed Fendi, Chanel, Gucci glasses....I was your girl. I spent seven years (seven!!) being an optician, which was kind of unheard of for a 20-something girl. After a while, I got a little burnt out of the eyewear game, so I took some time off and slung some lattes. If you know me at all, I'm a coffee girl. I am the girl Most Likely To Be Late Because Of A Latte. I'm just a sucker for it. So after I spent some time behind the bar, I was excited to get back into what I knew I loved. I saw the opening at Dress Gallery and voila! Two years later and they haven't gotten rid of me yet.... I'm a little ridiculous. I like to think I'm the consultant most likely to start a dance party during your appointment. I am very distinctly a "Woo!" girl - which is what we call people who cheer when they're excited. That's me. I "Woo!" I wanna "Woo!" for you. I am super blessed to have the worlds' best hype women around me - both at Dress Gallery and beyond - and that's what I wanna do for all my brides. I joke, but am totally serious, when I say "For the next 90 minutes, girl, we're gonna be best friends." Because that's how I want my brides to view me - as a friend, someone who's in their corner, no matter what. Outside of Dress Gallery, I love reading. I took some time off reading and writing after college but, thanks to Dress Gallery, have the time and mental capacity to start again. I started a book club recently that I'm excited to facilitate. I love secondhand designer shopping; Jillian, our sales manager, totally got me hooked on Poshmark. I love spending time with my nieces and nephews. I am blessed to call 4 kiddos "mine" in some capacity - whether they're related by blood or not, it doesn't matter. Spending time with Leah, Owen, Raiden, and Aurora is my favorite way to spend a weekend. I love being on Aunt duty! Like I mentioned earlier, I am recently married. My husband, Tyson, and I got married at The Barn at Grace Hill in October 2019.  (Speaking of, if you need a venue - MAN do you need to go talk to Amanda at The Barn. She's phenomenal.) Our story is a little unique - we actually met on Tinder. It could have been a disaster, we know, but instead, four years later, we're still happy and healthy, living with our two cats, Eazy-E and Lilly. We spend a lot of time watching RuPaul's Drag Race, hanging out with friends, and recently, redecorating our house! We love to travel and take weekend trips to nearby cities. (We're a little biased, but we love Denver!) We also are big brunch people - it's our favorite meal! Because I work on Saturdays, Sunday morning brunch is our specified time together each week. When we were planning our wedding, it only made sense to have a Sunday brunch ceremony, complete with mimosas and coffee bar - it was quintessential us. If there's a place that will give me mimosas or mojitos, count me in! My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park. I'm obsessed with terrible baby names and true crime podcasts. I'm ALWAYS listening to a murder podcast while steaming in the back of Dress Gallery. The Moffitt family Netflix account is primarily reality competition shows and true crime documentaries aka my two favorite genres. I'm a goofy, loud, outgoing consultant who absolutely LOVES when brides want to do something unique, different, or off-the-wall for their wedding. Even if you're a little more traditional, I love being able to help add a little bit of spice to your big day. Thanks so much for reading a little bit about me - but let's get back to our gorgeous brides, ya know?