DG Spotlight: Jillian

DG Spotlight: Jillian. Mobile Image

Jun 17, 2019

Our next DG Spotlight is on our sales manager, Jillian! Jillian has been with DG for 8 out of the 10 years we've been open, which means this girl knows her stuff. She's our most requested consultant which means her time is valuable and often booked. She joined as a bridal consultant and worked her way up the DG chain to become our trusty manager. She's the best at helping us manage our crazy lives here at DG. She does staff trainings, market buyer, social media advertising, and more! She's truly one of a kind! Jillian graduated from McPherson College in 2010 with a degree in History & Communication, then graduated from Wichita State with a master's in history in 2012. She worked for Museum of World Treasures for a brief time before realizing her true talents and passion in the bridal industry. She's been in bridal for so long that she's seen trends come and go, companies rise and fall, and helped DG navigate the crazy bridal world through all of it! She helps spearhead market buying, meaning she's our go-to person when it comes to creating lists of needed styles and bringing those beauties back to the ICT. She spends countless hours researching the wedding industry and the best way to service our brides. When Jillian's not at DG, (let's be honest that pretty much never happens except for Tuesdays, which are her standing days off), she loves spending time at home with her family. Above is her husband, Cody, who is definitely a DG work husband sometimes (thanks Cody!) and her adorable daughter, Phoebe. We love when her family comes in for lunches or events, as they always keep the whole staff laughing! We've all unofficially adopted Phoebe as the little DG babe! Jillian is an avid fantasy and sci-fi fan, along with Renaissance fairs and medieval stories. She's most likely to quote Games of Thrones at you during your appointment and truly loves when brides come in with whimsical, unique aesthetics for their wedding. She is all about curating a unique style, particularly with vintage clothing and handcrafted accessories. You can usually find her in one of her beloved Gunne Sax dresses, rocking some serious style. Jillian is loved by all of her previous brides and, as stated earlier, is one of our most highly requested consultants. She's helped full families find their outfits for their special day. Sisters, mothers, cousins, and more have all come to Jillian to get outfitted for weddings and she loves helping large groups. Jillian is also a MOM EXPERT. Maybe it's because she's a mom herself, but she just totally gets mothers searching for formal wear in a way that's totally uncanny. Most moms totally respect Jillian's laid back, but up front attitude about styles, sizing, and ordering. She doesn't beat around the bush and people totally appreciate it! Jillian is the best at understanding a bride's unique perspective on her wedding and then she totally delivers on a gown, for real. She just really understands brides, their mindsets, and their desires. We always joke that she's a "bride whisperer," making connections with each and every one of her brides. She takes finding accessories and customizations personally and is ALWAYS the first person to call a designer to see if they can do something special for her brides. Jillian wants each and every bride who walks into Dress Gallery to feel comfortable, welcome, and understood - something she's passed on to all of the other consultants. With Jillian leading the way, we have a fantastic team of consultants ready to take care of you! Jillian is also one of the strongest people we all know - both inside DG and out. 2019 hasn't been the easiest year for her, with multiple tragedies affecting both her and her family. If you didn't know Jillian, however, you almost wouldn't know at all. She's faced all of her adversity head on, eyes wide, and ready to take on anything that comes her way. Here at DG, we've all admired how Jillian has managed to keep her brides a priority while focusing on taking care of herself and her family. We love you, Jillian! And so do all your brides! Was Jillian your bridal consultant? Leave her some love on our Facebook page or in the comments!