DG Spotlight: Katie

DG Spotlight: Katie. Mobile Image

Jan 22, 2019

Our next DG Spotlight is on our bridal consultant, Katie! Katie first interned at DG in 2014 and became a permanent member of the team in 2015. She graduated from K-State (EMAW!) with a degree in Apparel and Textiles with a specialization in Design & Production. What does that mean for our DG brides? It means that we have a literal fashion designer on our staff. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the bridal industry in general, but she also utilizes her foundation in design to create customized accessories, veils, and more for our brides. She can literally take your dreams, visualize with you, and then help you create what you're hoping for! This year, Katie officially opened her own busness, Heirloom Couture Bridal. She specializes in custom veils, particularly cathedral, and modernization of antique and vintage apparel. Have your grandmother's beautiful wedding veil you'd love to wear, but want to make it a little more your style? Katie is your go-to girl. Want some extra drama to your veil by having exact matching lace to the beautiful dress you chose? Ask Katie. Want something unique, like a feathered headband reminiscent of the '20s or a birdcage veil to spark old school glamour? Katie can do that, too. When she's not sitting and sewing at DG, she's often sitting and sewing at home. She transformed an extra room into her home into a sewing studio to help facilitate her growing business. Now, all DG brides can have personalized service and custom accessories for their big day, all done in house by a trained professional. Accessories and veils are just the beginning for Katie, too. The ultimate goal is to also include her own bridal gowns sold at DG! How cute does she look in her little headlamp, sewing away into the night?! Katie is one of the best resources brides have at DG. Consultants often pick Katie's brain about potential alterations and customizations when helping their brides; it's often a big tag-team of minds working together to help create what the bride might want. You'll often see Katie running around with an apron on, clips attached, ready to help throw something together. Her passion for fashion, creating, and customer service is truly contagious! Besides being a bomb bridal consultant and entrepreneur, Katie is also responsible for much of the back of house inventory that arrives at DG on a daily basis. She's often the one inspecting bridal gowns as they arrive, using that eye for detail to make sure that everything is perfect for our brides. Above is a picture of her and our sales manager, Jillian, in Chicago this past year for Bridal Market. She helped curate the upcoming collections we'll have at DG! The best thing about Katie is her personality. It's almost entirely impossible to be upset when you're around her. She's funny and witty, plus she's rarely "too serious." Katie is the type of person to take things seriously, but that doesn't mean she's serious. She keeps all of us laughing and rolling during long work shifts, company parties, and more. She creates the best memes and will be the first person to say "YAS, HUNNY" at a beautiful bride when she walks onto our runway. (These are just a few of the ridiculous photos we have of Katie during the many company events we've had. Told you she'll have you laughing!) Outside of work, Katie loves spending time with her fabulous nephews, Dean and Wes, and reading/watching true crime docuseries. She's a weird person and likes running; her and DG owner, April, have completed a few half marathons together! She's recently realized her true calling as a potential HGTV show host and has the cutest house. She likes eating, drinking, and napping. She also loves spending time with her boyfriend, Chris, who should really jump on making that official forever, hint hint Chris. (: Chris and Katie at their most quintessential - Katie making a goofy face and then turning Chris into a meme. You know, the usual. Katie is a serious foodie, making her the perfect person to ask when trying to choose a good restaurant for the night. (Or the worst to ask because she wants everything, just depends.) Her usual recommendations include the Wine Dive and Newport Grill for a more upscale experience, Hana Cafe for sushi, and Ty's Diner for burgers. And if you're REALLY down to get Katie excited, ask about brunch. Homegrown is her favorite!