DG Spotlight: Kayla

DG Spotlight: Kayla. Mobile Image

May 02, 2019

Our next DG Spotlight is on bridal consultant, Kayla! Kayla has been with DG since August 2015, which means she just celebrated her three year anniversary! Beyond being a dope bridal consultant, Kayla is also our back-of-house paperwork wiz. She keeps us up & running by implemented a brand new computer software system that allows us to better help our brides. She keeps everything neat and orderly to make sure that we can help our brides to the best of our ability. Kayla graduated with a degree in Costume Design from Sterling College in 2015. She was actively involved in musical theater throughout her life and her background in costume design makes her an irreplaceable part of the team. With her in-depth seamstress knowledge, Kayla is always around to help answer questions regarding alterations or customizations. She always has a smile on her face and is always the first person to jump up and help. Every bridal consultant has a unique approach to the consultation process. For Kayla, its all about how a bride feels in her wedding dress. For me, I like to think How does this dress portray her personality? Does it match the venue and vibe shes going for? Kayla said. Instead of taking overly specific details, Kayla likes to be inspired by her brides. She takes design features they like, along with information about themselves, their wedding plans, and their spouse, and tries to curate a dress that feels authentic to the bride and her vision. Kaylas favorite part of working at Dress Gallery is being a part of such an emotional moment in the wedding planning process. This is probably the most invested part of the journey for most brides, Kayla said. Being a part of that and helping create special, emotional moments with a bride is powerful. She is an expert at placing a brides desires and feelings first, thus creating a supportive and encouraging environment for her brides to confidently say yes to their dream dress. Kayla loves the energy brought by an excited entourage and helps channel that energy into a fun appointment for everyone. Her favorite new trend in bridal is the new chic looks across the runway a step away from the traditional, whimsical, and romantic lace weve seen for the last few years.   With a background in costume design and theater, Kayla brings a unique perspective to Dress Gallery. Shes able to envision added details that dont exist yet or alteration changes that havent happened. She can clearly see in her head a finished product, even if the project is far from completion. This makes brides feel confident trusting Kayla with her vision for their bridal gowns should alterations or changes need to be made. Kayla is also great at walking brides through possible alterations needed and answering any technical questions. While we do not do alterations in house, her expertise in sewing makes her a great asset to the Dress Gallery team to help brides understand the alterations process and what to expect. Outside of work, Kayla is an active embroiderer and Disney enthusiast. Her and her husband, Mark Allen, love watching Disneyworld vloggers on YouTube. Shes recently picked up hand embroidery and loves creating pieces; one of her most recent was of Cinderellas castle! She also loves playing with her cat, Peyton, who features spots in the shape of a smiley face on his back. She also helps teach Financial Peace University classes with her husband in order to help other young couples gain control of their future with their finances. And when asked what her favorite Wichita restaurant is, her answer was definitive: Dempseys Biscuit Co. We love Kayla here at DG, but were obviously a little biased. Her brides, however, are not. Kayla receives rave reviews weekly from brides who were so grateful for her help in their gown buying process. Taylor, a recent bride of Kaylas with a wedding date of March 2019, had this to say about Kayla:
I was so blessed to work with Kayla, who was just so encouraging, courteous, and fun to work with! She brought me dresses that were exactly what I *thought* I wanted, but then gave a gentle push when she brought out a "wild card" dress -- which I absolutely fell in love with! Completely different than what I thought I wanted, but I am so glad she used her intuition to bring me what became MY dress! I was also able to get my veil AND my six bridesmaids ordered their dresses as well! We all had such a great experience, and I would highly recommend Kayla to ANY bride!