#dgbride: Ashley

#dgbride: Ashley. Mobile Image

Mar 23, 2021

Okay, guys, buckle up - we are getting in our feels for a second about our next #dgbride. Let us introduce you to Ashley, who is not only a bodacious Dress Gallery bride, but she's also 1/2 of the dynamic wedding photography duo Kay + Bee photography, along with 1/2 of the badass podcast team The Bridal Breakdown. Ashley is literally a wedding professional in every sense of the word, so when she chose Dress Gallery as her bridal boutique, we were beyond honored. Ashley married her soulmate, Justin, during a super intimate and private ceremony in March 2020 - yep, you read that correctly. Ashley and Justin braved the very beginning of the pandemic craziness to elope in the Flint Hills and their pictures are all the more gorgeous for it. Take a peek at some of our favorites, shot by Ashley K - you know, the other half of Kay + Bee! Being a wedding photographer, Ashley has seen bridal gowns literally every weekend for most of her adult life. Because of this, she knew exactly what she did and did not want. When it came to shopping, Ashley popped in during a slow Tuesday afternoon with just her mother; she worked with Katie to customize her Chic Nostalgia gown into exactly what she was looking for. We changed the neckline of her gown slightly in order to make it perfectly Ashley. Her soft, elegant beading kept her dress glam, but sophisticated and we loved the super bohemian lace pattern! We're also biased because we love Ashley's style always, but we love how she styled her wedding day look. Her edgy snakeskin booties added the perfect pop of rock-n-roll to her romantic wedding and her sophisticated party ponytail kept her look ultra modern. Add in her dried florals and greenery along with organic accents like sticks and you have a super cool, super laid back bohemian wedding. Can we also please freak out over her starburst earrings? Because they're literally fabulous. We wish we could say that Justin looked stunning thanks to us, but we gotta be honest - that was all Ashley, too. She picked a textured tweed suit with floral accents. We love the multi-patterned look Justin's rocking, complete with a sleek, satin gold tie to truly pull the look altogether. We could go on and on about Ashley's wedding planning, her vision, her thoughts, her experiences....but honestly, Ashley herself has already written a blog about it and she's a thousand times more eloquent than we'd ever be. She was so thoughtful and intentional about her wedding planning; we love how she truly crafted her day by choosing what was special to her and Justin. Add in a crazy pandemic to the mix and there was a lot of uncertainty regarding their day. Her blog, My Intimate Wedding - Shifting My Mindset Amidst A Global Pandemic, is a first-hand account of her wedding planning and perseverance during a crazy time. Take a peek and give it a look! Ashley and Justin - we wish you both a happy anniversary and many more years of love, laughter, and happiness. To Ashley - we are so thankful for you. We are always so thrilled whenever we get to work with you and it is truly a blessing for us to have you be a #dgbride. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for your brides - and, by extension, the beautiful images of our brides you let us use. Cheers to the Akins!