#dgbride: Brooke

#dgbride: Brooke. Mobile Image

Dec 07, 2018

Our next #dgbride to be featured is Brooke Nulik, who married her soulmate Tyler on July 21, 2018 at Stone Hill Barn in Augusta, KS. Stone Hill Barn is one of our most favorite venues in the Wichita area; with it's simplistic elegance and neutral decor, it's easy to turn this venue into any wedding. This is what Brooke loved about Stone Hill. "I wanted a venue that was very natural and I could decorate with lots of greenery," Brooke said. "I didn't want a rustic theme and I knew that would be hard because our venue was a barn, so I added candelabras and greenery for a more romantic garden vibe." Brooke is probably one of the most down-to-earth brides we've worked with, so when we asked her details about her wedding, she got real. "I quickly learned how expensive everything is when planning a wedding," she said. "I had saved so many pictures from Pinterest but didn't realize how much money it costs to make those visions come to life, especially with fresh flowers. I ended up using artificial flowers for decor and deciding not to focus so much on centerpieces and signs, as that wasn't what the whole day was about." Can we say PREACH, sister? For her favorite memory of the day, Brooke chose a simple and sweet moment between her husband and her. At the end of the night, the DJ kicked everyone out early to anticipation for their exit and let Tyler and Brooke dance alone without the watchful eyes of their audience. Their tender moment to "Tennessee Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton turned into a forever memory as they shared a song alone together. Choosing a wedding dress for Brooke was easy in the beginning, but got a little harder as she visited more bridal boutiques. "When I first walked into Dress Gallery, I wasn't really sure what I wanted - I liked a-line silhouettes, fitted gowns, or even an empire waist. When my consultant came out with this Essense of Australia, I LOVED it. However, I was torn between that and another fitted gown I tried earlier, so I decided I should keep looking," Brooke said. "I tried on 3 dresses before I found the one, but then I made the mistake of going to 2 other boutiques in Kansas City. I tried on over 25 dresses and felt overwhelmed. When I went back to Dress Gallery and tried the Essense of Australia on, I knew it was The One. I should have never left that first day. It was everything I wanted!" Brooke was so kind in her recommendation of Dress Gallery. She loved the one-on-one attention given in the private bridal suites and the pointed, direct questions asked after every dress really helped her narrow down what features she loved and wanted to showcase. "That really helped me narrow down what I was looking for," Brooke said. "I thought I needed to go to KC to get a good assessment of what was out there, but I was so wrong! Dress Gallery had WAY more options in my budget. I would and already do recommend Dress Gallery to all of my engaged friends!" Guys, Brooke was spitting straight realness when it comes to advice for current brides. We loved how true to herself she was with her wedding vision and just being transparent about what mattered and what doesn't. She gave a few key nuggets of wisdom that we can't help but share. "First, spend money and time on the things YOU think are important, not what you think your guests want. Second, hire a videographer because the next day, you will wake up and have a hard time remembering everything from the adrenaline rush. Lastly, relax and soak it up! Your wedding week is one of the best weeks of your life; you'll be surrounded by so many people who love you, there's no reason to be nervous or stressed!" What better way to wrap up a bridal on such a cool bride than with the ultimate girl gang photo? Congratulations to Brooke & Tyler! We are so thankful you chose Dress Gallery to be a part of your special day. All images courtesy of Be Images Photography.