#dgbride: Gabriela

#dgbride: Gabriela. Mobile Image

Aug 24, 2018

Gabriela, affectionately known as Gabie, married her high school sweetheart Anthony on June 3rd, 2017, at St. Mark Catholic Church in Colwich, Kansas. Their reception site was at Villa Luna in west Wichita. Gabie knew instantly she wanted bright colors for her summer wedding, choosing blush, golds, and navy as her color palette for an Elegant Italian-themed wedding. St. Marks was the perfect choice for their ceremony venue, as the couple shared a history with the church and also loved the cathedral-inspired architecture. She kept the floral and decor within the church neutral and light to highlight the already breathtaking construction. A friend helped with all the wedding decor at Villa Luna including set up! She set up our reception with a group of people that offered to help and Anthony and I did not get to see the venue at all until we walked in for the party on our wedding day. It had all come together way better than we expected and it was an awesome surprise! Even with some slight rain on their wedding day, these two did not let the weather get their spirits down. A few well color-coordinated umbrellas shielded them from the rain but also added a unique feature to their wedding photos! Plus, did you know it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day?! When it comes to picking a favorite memory, Gabie listed two special wedding day moments that tugged at our heartstrings. The first was opening the churchs beautiful double doors to see her anxiously awaiting husband at the end of the aisle My heart was pounding and I wanted to run to him!  The second favorite memory is one we dont hear constantly, but one we all personally love. Another great memory for me was having my mom and sisters help me put on my wedding dress and shoes, Gabie said. I am the youngest of the family and having the women I look up to most being with me for that moment was everything and one of my favorite things our videographer captured. When it comes to choosing a dress, Gabie did things the hard way with appointments at over 8 bridal stores, a trip to Kansas City, and trying on hundreds of dresses, it was during a return appointment to Dress Gallery where she finally said Yes! Gabie initially thought she wanted a strapless mermaid dress with minimal bling or lace almost the opposite of what her actual perfect dress ended up looking like! After trying on a dress like she described, Gabie found herself underwhelmed and lacking the emotional connection to the dress she wanted. It was pretty discouraging. How could the dress I described not be the one? Then, my dress consultant brought a dress that she knew was the total opposite of what I said I wanted and my best friend just told me to go for it. I reluctantly put it on and when I walked out, I was blown away. My breath was literally taken away! I was in shock but knew instantly no dress had given me this feeling before and wouldnt again. Planning a big day, especially when you come from two large families, can be super stressful. Gabies advice to new brides is to not sweat the small stuff! We love her simple, classic advice that every bride should follow: Take a deep breath and follow your heart on what will make you and your fiancé happy on YOUR special day. Having a great group of vendors, along with a supportive group of friends and family, on your side also changes the wedding game for sure. A lot of the actual wedding day logistical work can often be picked up by enthusiastic and willing family members in order to help with your big day. Ask friends & family to do the menial tasks for you, if theyre available picking up flowers or dry cleaning, creating easy centerpieces, helping with set up and tear down the day of the event. Most people will be excited you asked them to help in your big day and it also relieves some stress off your shoulders! Gabie gave us one last little piece of advice for new brides that we love so much, wed make it mandatory for everyone if we could. Its the simplest, littlest thing to make a lasting impact on your day schedule private time post-ceremony to cuddle with your fiancé. Even if its just ten minutes to take some private photos, Gabie said. The reception will be crazy and lots of fun, so some quality time to just soak up your ceremony and spend a few quiet moments together makes the chaos worth it! Thank you so much, Gabie, for being a #DGBride and letting us have a sneak peek into your big day! We were so happy to be a part of your journey; we wish you and Anthony all the love and happiness. All photos courtesy of Emona Hennen Photography. Check back next week for another featured #DGBride!