#dgbride: India

#dgbride: India. Mobile Image

Nov 16, 2021

It's time to introduce one of our newest #dgbrides, India! India and her soulmate, James, had to reschedule their 2020 wedding due to COVID-19, but their anxiously awaited day was full of love and laughter. Their photographer, our girl Shelby Laine, was a perfect fit for this goofy, fun-loving couple! You're gonna lose it over her customized Moonlight Couture gown, so without further ado: India + James! Okay, but like, we weren't kidding when we said this couple was full of love and light! India's totally customized Moonlight Couture gown was totally perfect for her romantic yet edgy day. We changed the bodice lining color to a gorgeous Cashmere color to match India's wedding palette much better. We also added permanent spaghetti straps to add extra support throughout the day, allowing India to dance and groove without worrying! Her ruffle skirt created lots of drama and volume while the beaded bodice kept her shimmering with every step! Can we also talk about how COOL India's total wedding day look is? We're a little biased when tattooed brides decide to show off their ink on wedding day, but India's super edgy vibe mixed with such a romantic, traditional ballgown is giving us LIFE in the best way. She's a perfect example of wearing what YOU feel best in on your wedding day, not necessarily what you ~think you have to be in. If a ballgown makes you feel most bridal, do it! We love that India wasn't afraid to bling herself out on wedding day, while also customizing a dress to make it feel special to her. Her simplistic accessories allow the dress and her silhouette to be the true stunner in this dress! Love James' super cool green suit look?! We can't take credit for his exact styling, but if you have similar taste to James', we definitely have some GREAT colored suit options that can make your groom look ultra fashion-forward! Ask your consultant about our unique menswear options during your consultation. Congratulations, James and India! We cannot thank you enough for trusting us for such an important part of your wedding day. India, we are so glad you put your faith in such a gorgeous customized gown - truly, it's one of a kind, just like you. We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness, something we are such you'll have in abundance. Now, go celebrate! Cheers to the Nance's!