#dgbride: Kory

#dgbride: Kory

Are you a bride who loves sparkle marrying a jeans-and-boots kinda guy? You are going to want ALL of this inspiration from our newest #dgbride, Kory! She married her soulmate, Cooper, in the most luxurious and romantic mansion wedding in Oklahoma City. Their wedding photographer, OK-based Ashley Sunderland, was a new reference to us but we feel DEEPLY in love the minute she sent over this wedding gallery. This airy, bright gallery was PERFECT for this springtime wedding. Get ready to LOSE IT over Kory's dress and details below!





Kory is a sparkle girl deep down in her heart - she loves all things glam and glitzy. We knew she'd be a fabulous DG Bride when she called us and asked if we were able to get a specific Sottero & Midgley dress for her (style Allen Lynette). We called the designer and asked for what's called a loan sample - Kory paid a small fee to ask the designer to send her specific gown here on a particular weekend. We're so thankful Kory trusted us to style her for such an important event, but let's be honest - she knew that it was her dress the minute she saw it online! We tried on lots of ball gown options, but we all truly knew that the dress she ordered to try on was the one!


Kory chose an absolutely stunning ball gown featuring not a single piece of lace! Kory knew that she was not a traditional lace girl; she knew that sparkle was the most important design feature. We love that she trusted her gut and went with her wedding vision! Her ballgown featured a totally beaded bodice in a modern lattice-work pattern, stunning white and silver beaded, and a ultra poofy A-line skirt. Allen Lynette features stunning three-quarter sleeves, allowing for Kory to feel covered and comfortable throughout the entire day!






We literally LOVE Kory's historic hotel venue to compliment her opulent, extravagent gown. Even though Cooper preferred the jeans-and-boots look, Kory was able to perfectly coordinate their styles by blending ultra formal and down-to-earth casual seamlessly. So even if YOU'RE a sparkle ballgown girl, but your guy isn't, you can still totally have the best of both worlds!


Thank you so much, Kory, for trusting Dress Gallery to style you for your wedding day. It means a lot when brides travel to shop with us and we are so thankful you chose us. You're our only bride EVER in this stunning gown; we can't wait to show you off for years to come. Congratulations to you and Cooper. Now, cheers to the Bowmans!