#dgbride: Lindsey

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Jan 07, 2019

Our next featured #dgbride is Lindsey, who married her soulmate Michael on October 6, 2018 at Hotel Old Town in Wichita, Kansas. We love Lindsey. We love all of our brides, but sometimes there are brides who just radiate warmth when they walk into the store. Lindsey is one of those brides. We loved seeing her every time she came in the store - which was often, because not only was she a #dgbride, but the men in her life were also #dggrooms and her girls were #dggirls. We are always so honored when brides choose us to outfit not only them, but also their loved ones. We loved getting to know Michael just as much as we did Lindsey for his tuxedo fittings! They were just a lovely, warm group we enjoyed helping very much. Michael & Lindsey's wedding was full of warm colors and specialized details to their passions. Lindsey is a science teacher, so her passion for science was shown throughout the wedding with unique details. She featured a 100 year old microscope on her favors table. Her centerpieces featured books, beakers, flasks, and test tube glassware to hold her flowers. Michael wanted grey suits for him and his groomsmen, so Lindsey picked coordinating navy bridesmaids outfits with pops of orange, red, and purples. We loved getting to coordinate all their outfits together! When it came to planning her wedding, Lindsey let experience take the lead. She'd been a bridesmaid ten times (ten!!!), so when it came to planning her own wedding, she'd done this one or twice before. She planned everything with her mother, coordinating with the event coordinator at Hotel Old Town, but otherwise spearheading the entire planning herself. Her biggest help was utilizing bridal fairs; being able to walk around and see all the vendors in one location gave her multiple options without feeling overwhelmed. Her mother helped by narrowing down options so Lindsey could make final, executive decisions. Having friends & family help find reliable vendors without a million options can be a game changer for your wedding! Lindsey had sparkle on the brain when picking out her wedding gown. She says anyone who knows her just knows she loves to sparkle, so that was definite must for her wedding gown. "I had done some searching on Pinterest prior to my appointment," she said, "but most of them I just liked certain aspects, not the full gown. My dress was a strapless, sweetheart ball gown with a corset back and train. It had the perfect amount of lace and sparkle with an organza skirt. I fell in LOVE with the organza. It was the most comfortable dress I've ever worn. Yes, ladies - I wore it for 9 hours and it was super comfortable!" "I tried about 20-25 dresses between 3 bridal boutiques," Lindsey said. "Dress Gallery was the first bridal boutique I went to. I tried on what eventually became my dress during my first appointment, but I was afraid to commit. I knew in my head it was "The One," but I had other appointments and figured I should give them a try. Most of the other dresses at other stores had tulle skirts, which I dislike. I kept comparing every dress I tried on to the one at Dress Gallery, so I made another appointment a few months later to go back and get it!" At this point in the questionnaire, we are loving Lindsey's honesty. Above, she mentions that she dislikes tulle. Dislikes is a polite way of putting. Our girl Lindsey hates tulle. To quote her, she hates it with "the heat of 1,000,000 suns" and it frustrated her when stores kept giving her ballgowns with tulle skirts to try on. We wanted her to feel comfortable, which sometimes means that some fabrics aren't for everyone. We were so excited to find her a sparkly stunner of a dress without an inch of tulle on it! (How happy do they look? We love this shot of the newlyweds!) "My experience with Dress Gallery was better than I ever could have imagined," Lindsey said. "I went back multiple times and ended up getting my accessories, bridesmaids dresses, and tuxes there. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcome and loved that you get your own private room. After talking to my consultant, Jillian, she started pulling dresses for me, I knew I was in the right place. She listened to what I wanted, but also put me in dresses I never would have chosen myself to help me find "The One."" When it comes to picking a dress, Lindsey echoes advice given to her by her consultant. "Take photos of you in the dress, because at the end of the day, all you're going to have left is photographs of your special day," Lindsey said. "When she came out with the dress for me, it was actually 4-5 sizes too small. She clipped in me and I immediately started spinning and twirling. I never would have known that it was too small if she hadn't told me and she made me feel as if size didn't matter. Every bride should shop here!" Lindsey is queen when it comes to giving wedding advice. Girl could literally write a book preaching the wedding planning gospel and we'd help her get it published, THEN give it away to all of our brides for free because she has some gems. She gives great advice on planning & sticking to a wedding budget, planning early and often, and not feeling obligated to "return the favor" when it comes to inviting someone to be in your bridal party. Our personal favorite nugget of wisdom Lindsey laid on us? Something we'd NEVER heard a bride say before and it was pure truth! "Know your body type and bra size," Lindsey said. "Have an open mind and know what compliments your body best. Get professionally measured for a bra and take it to your appointment. The seamstress that did my alterations pointed out that I was one of the only women that actually had a well-fitted bra. Thanks, Mom!" See what we're saying? She lays down TRUTHS. Thank you SO MUCH to Lindsey and Michael for including us in your special day. We were so honored to be a part of your wedding; we cannot say how much it means to us that you allowed us to outfit your bridal party. We wish you all the happiness in the world and are so excited to see the photos from your many happy years to come!