#dgbride: Mary

#dgbride: Mary. Mobile Image

Nov 11, 2019

#dgbride and #dggroom Mary and Julian Bartlett were married on September 21, 2019 at the Wichita Brewing Company event space. While we love all of our brides, Mary & Julian hold a special place in our hearts. They are Delano people - they met at the Monarch bar, where Julian was a bartender. They're quirky, unique, totally cool, and tons of fun. We could tell from the photos that this wedding was a banger! When it came to planning the wedding, Mary did it all herself. She had a unique wedding vision she wanted to execute - something different than the traditional Pinterest photos many brides see. She knew she wanted the wedding to be edgy, a perfect adjective to describe her and Julian, but she also didn't want it to be too dark - "a softer edge for the wedding day," she said. The black accents, the small skulls, and the pop of chartreuse made this wedding a totally one-of-a-kind experience! Mary picked an absolutely gorgeous crepe Maggie Sottero gown named Arleigh Rose. She chose the short sleeved version of the dress, which totally fit her laid-back attitude. Our favorite piece, and Mary's too!, was her open back featuring spinal beaded detail. "What's cooler than a beaded spine?!" she said. Accompanied by an absolute stunner of a crown and Mary truly was the definition of regal for her wedding. We absolutely love her in those soft neck cutouts - chic and sophisticated, but a hint of sexy! Mary knew exactly what type of wedding she wanted and how to execute it. That didn't mean, however, she didn't run into opposition from some well-intentioned family members. "I was surprised because I felt like the closer I got to the wedding, the more I had to fight for my vision," she said. She absolutely loved the industrial feel of Wichita Brewing Company's venue and wanted a unique wedding packed with edgy, cool details. She received some serious push back on some of her ideas, but stuck to her guns! We're so glad she did because their wedding turned out beautiful, sophisticated, and ultra cool. When it came to her wedding dress, Mary knew she wanted simple and sophisticated with no lace. She thought she wanted an A-line dress, but after listening to the feedback of her entourage that came with her, she knew that A-line silhouettes were not for her. Her "Plan B" was a picture of a dress she's seen at our booth at Bridal Expo - something chic, a little sexy, and totally different from what she thought she wanted. "It was the only picture I'd taken the entire day and it was the dress I ended up buying," Mary said. "I tried on others, but I was sold on Arleigh Rose the moment I had it on. Nothing says bad ass like a bejeweled spine! Feminine yet edgy and modern." We totally agree! Mary's advice to newly engaged brides is to stick to your wedding vision and keep family's opinions at a distance. Family and friends offered to help with her big day in order to save money, but doing so caused more headaches than it was worth. "I had family offer to help make flower arrangements, bouquets, and food for the wedding and then argued about everything I wanted," Mary said. "Then, at times, they flat out ignored everything I wanted, then would call me a bridezilla when I insisted on things being redone to my original vision." She ended up redoing her florals and greenery the week before her wedding in order to make sure they were perfect. Ask help from those you trust - smile and politely decline for anyone whose vision doesn't match yours! (Mary was also told several times that a queso fountain would "ruin her wedding" and instead, it was the most talk about detail of the night. We stand firmly on the side that queso fountains are awesome. Good choice, guys!) "Your store was the only boutique I went to and I fell in love with the second dress I tried on," Mary said. "I found my dress and veil there and it was the only the stress free part of my wedding." We were so grateful to Mary that she felt comfortable enough with us not only to allow us to style her for the big day, but also her husband, Julian, and their groomsmen. They were by far one of the most fun group of groomsmen we've had in a long time and kept the staff laughing every time they came in! Not only were we blessed enough to style Mary for her big day, but her husband, Julian, chose us for him & his groomsmen as well! He chose a stunning slim cut grey suit with stripped ties! We loved how cool and classic their look was while also still showcasing Julian's super fun personality. This group was truly one for the books! Can we also talk about how attractive they all are?! Thank you so much, Mary and Julian, for including us as part of your special day! And special thanks to official Dress Gallery photographer, and their wedding photographer!, Shelby Laine Photography for this gorgeous images. We're obsessed with you & this wedding!