#dggroom: Travis

#dggroom: Travis. Mobile Image

Aug 13, 2021

Guy, you DO NOT want to miss these shots of one of our newest #dggrooms, Travis! He married his soulmate, Carlita, is a super fun, super bright June ceremony filled with SO MUCH laughter and love, we are super envious we missed it. These photos courtesy of Justin Lister Photography perfectly capture the upbeat and outgoing atmosphere of the day. Basically, the Middleton wedding looked like one big dance party and we are HERE FOR IT. Get ready to check out some of these extra fun shots below: First off, we have to start with a disclaimer: we did not style Travis for his look. Carlita + Travis came in wanting something fresh and fashionable for Travis that would truly set him apart. While we have some great colors and fits, as evidenced by the groomsmen, Travis is just SUPER COOL and wanted a full satin pant with jacquard print jacket and matching waistcoat. And let's be honest - we ENCOURAGED this look because how awesome is it?! Travis is a prime example of wearing and doing what YOU wanna wear/do on your wedding day. Carlita and Travis had a wedding vision and didn't compromise. It was hard to see the whole picture from just the individual details (because we don't often hear "tan suits, white shoes" for groups!), but when everything came together......MAN this was one fun, unique, totally cool group. They proved us wrong on what traditional groomsmen attire looks like, what different roles can be accented with what, and how to stretch our imaginations with colors and textures. We truly appreciate the Middletons for making us work our creative muscles and helping style one of the most fashionable groups we've seen in a hot. minute.   Travis chose our crisp tan suit, white shoes, and rose gold/merlot accents which perfectly complimented the champagne and bordeaux bridesmaids' dresses. We love how Travis used different accent colors to tie in different roles in the wedding; the best man received a merlot vest while the groomsmen and ushers received rose gold. Dads had a navy pop to help stand out and we love how EVERYONE rocked a bowtie - classic, cool, timeless! How GOOD LOOKING is this group, y'all?! We can't get over how many attractive people are in one photo, goodness. Thank you so much, Travis, for trusting Dress Gallery to style your men for such an important day. We truly loved getting to know you and your unique style; it helped push us creatively while also giving us great feedback at items we can possibly gather for fashion forward grooms. We wish you and Carlita a lifetime of love, happiness, and laughter - something we're SURE you guys will have in abundance. Cheers to the Middletons!