Extravagant Wine + Chocolate Styled Shoot Part 2

Have you all fallen completely in love with our shoot from Alzavino Wine Tavern yet?! Have you TRIED Alzavino yet?! Because you need to run, not walk, down to their Delano location and test out all their delicious goodies. We had an absolute blast shooting in their European-inspired, ultra moody business, complete with gorgeous decor and tons of great wine. DG brides who say "YES!" to their dress receive goodies from Alzavino on us (exclusions apply), so we were so excited to collaborate with them on this creative project to announce our partnership. This last look is probably our FAVORITE; get ready to steal all these details!

Is it even a bougie shoot if you don't get Leslie Coffee Co? And is there ANY better combination than espresso, wine, and dark chocolate?! Leslie served up a perfectly steamed mocha for our photoshoot, complete with the cutest latte art. We love our Delano neighbors!  Don't forget to give Ken + Danielle our love when you spend ALL your free time at Alzavino....or, ya know, just wave at us, because we'll probably be there, too!