Fun Wedding Food Ideas for Your Event

Fun Wedding Food Ideas for Your Event. Mobile Image

Nov 05, 2018

Besides seeing loved ones marry their partner, the best part of any wedding is most definitely the food and drink. A great guest experience can be cultivated by really focusing on the unique and extraordinary. Say "buh-bye" to the standard wedding buffet and boring bartender and instead have your guest create unforgettable memories on your special day by including fun twists on food and drink! Here's a list of some of our favorite (and funnest) food and drink experiences you can incorporate: A pretzel bar with all the dippin's What better way to say "thanks" to your wedding guests for watching you tie the knots than a fabulous soft pretzel bar? Whether individually wrapped in cute bags or hanging from a pre-made display, soft pretzels are almost universally loved. Combined with fun dips, this gives your guest a perfect finger food with customization available. Whether a late night, after drinks option or simply combined with cocktail hour, we are anxiously waiting to eat ALL the pretzels at any wedding. Artistically beautiful and masterfully placed charcuterie boards Everyone loves to say charcuterie, (it's such a fun word!), but we're believers that everyone loves a good board spread, too. Standard boards feature meats and cheeses, but intense charcuterie boards are nothing short of a work of art. Combined with edible flowers, honey, berries and fruits, veggies, bread options, and more, charcuterie boards feel luxurious and grand with minimal effort. It allows the food to be edible decor! Large, long tables of open-plated food often feels royal and also allows your guests to snack throughout the night without the need for servers. Savory shooters Finger foods are the perfect way to keep your guests well fed and entertained throughout the entire night, but they're even better with foods in miniature that most wouldn't expect! Instead of the usual hors d oeuvres or small desserts, we love the idea of taking savory foods and making them into a fun and playful addition! Grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters are perfect example for a chilly winter or fall wedding. S'mores buffet smorgasbord While the idea of s'mores at a wedding isn't super new, that doesn't mean we don't love the idea. I mean, who isn't a fan of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows toasted to perfection? Recently, we've seen more and more couples decide against the pre-wrapped s'mores favors and instead have their own s'mores buffet! It's an interactive source of food for your guests, but also super nostalgic. Any wedding could benefit from more s'mores, we're simply waiting for the coziest wedding photos featuring a cute couple spinning marshmallows over the fire! Pickle bars satisfy every craving We know, but hang with us for a second - pickle bars have been popping up everywhere in wedding world and we are HERE FOR IT. A combination of the ultimate bar food wit an upscale appetizer, pickle bars allow for a crunchy and salty treat while also having interesting, unique, and delicious pickle combinations that guests definitely have never experienced before. This is also a prime opportunity to utilize local farmers and fresh produce, creating a totally organic guest experience. Plus, every pregnant friend you have will thank you. Wonderful world full of waffles We're big believers in always letting out your inner Leslie Knope - she's kind of a big deal around DG. So when we began seeing waffle bar options pop up, we knew that Leslie and Ron Swanson would approve. This breakfast-anytime food feature fills up your guests with flavorful food without being overly sweet; having multiple toppings allows for sweet tooths to load up, while guests with more savory palettes could enjoy a more lunch-centered meal. Many waffle bars have added fried chicken, creating an undeniable chicken-and-waffle experience that will leave your friends talking about your wedding for years. Calling all local food trucks! We are all about convenience and we're not sure if there's REALLY a better idea for your catering than having it be on wheels! What's easier when it comes to set up and tear down? Having your local food truck cater your wedding event is a great way to get community members involved while also having an engaging and unique experience for your guests. Instead of waiting in a slow moving buffet lines, guests can interact with each other in an outdoor space dedicated to food and fun. The best part is there really is a food truck for everything - want Hawaiian? Barbecue? Tacos? Gyros? Just about every type of cuisine can be found within the food truck realm !