Holiday Shopping for your Engaged/Newlywed Friends

Holiday Shopping for your Engaged/Newlywed Friends. Mobile Image

Nov 10, 2018

So you've got a loved one that's newly (or not so newly) engaged and you want to celebrate this momentous time in their lives.....but how? With holidays right around the corner, utilizing this gift-giving time to create special memory for your engaged loved ones is a perfect opportunity. From traditional gifts to outrageously unique, there are all sorts of ways to support your almost-married friends. We've scavenged Etsy's most popular picks for holiday gifts and newlyweds to help make YOU the best gift-giver this season! Customized Cutting Board This personalized cutting board is the perfect way to help your friends introduce their newly married or engaged status as hosts. Practical and usable almost every day, this beautiful cutting board features ornate detail and customization. Your friends' will thank you during their first housewarming party when their meat and cheese looks perfect next to their new last name. Customized Honeymoon Keepsake Sand Jar Whether you have friends who are newly engaged or newly married, this is a great gift that allows them to bring home their honeymoon with them! A small keepsake jar is a great way for your loved ones to bring home the beaches of paradise or, instead, maybe dirt from their favorite hike or melted snow water from a snowy excursion! Regardless of the couple's honeymoon preferences, this small token of affection is guaranteed to fit in almost any carry-on and allow for years of memories afterward! Leather Engraved Music Sheet Calling all hopeless romantics! This fabulously personal gift is sure to make any bride (or groom!) tear up with appreciation. If your loved ones have "a song," this Etsy shop will create beautiful, leather works of art from high resolution .PDF files of the sheet music. Instead of a basic print of music, the notes will soar off the leather page, complete with gorgeous frame. This is truly a thoughtful gift and a unique way to showcase your couples' specific tastes! Personalized Love Heart Print Want a cute, simple way to spice up your loved ones' home decor? This simplistic, modern print warms up any home with an ode to your friends' great love! Their names are connected with a whimsical, swooping heart over their anniversary date. While this listing is for the print only, we love the clean look when inside a plain, white frame. This is a great affordable option for a quick holiday gift! Feyonce & Bae-Z Wine Glasses YASSSS, sister! We love Beyonce here at Dress Gallery and we also love Beyonce's love life. We totally understand wanting to emulate the Carter's and their intense love, so why not get drunk in love with your very own wine glasses?! We love gifts that combine pop culture, alcohol, and good puns and with this gift set, you get all three! Gold Wedding Ring Dish Okay, we're suckers for simplistic design and gold details, so when we saw this adorable catch-all for your wedding rings, we HAD to include it. While ring dishes might have previously been solely for wives and their jewelry, we love that the customization of this dish makes it a storing place for BOTH rings. Your friends' double vanity sinks will look extra cute with this in between them, holding their symbols of love and eternity. Modern and Minimalist Wood Bookends These cute bookends (or just wooden decor in general!) makes the perfect gift for your bibliophile friends. Whether holding up special volumes or laid out beautifully on a mantle, these wooden pieces are great for your neutral and laid back friends. The monograms can be customized and we love the tiny heart "hidden" in the ampersand! I Bent The Knee Tumbler We're big Game of Thrones people here at Dress Gallery and love any opportunity to bring in epic fantasy into our daily lives. So while you and your friends might have intense conversations over who is The Prince That Was Promised, this cute and funny gift is a great option for the male (or female!) in your life who finally popped the big question! Pizza My Heart Couples Shirt Call us biased, but we love a good couples gift. And while couples t shirts can range from cheesy to classic, we are big believers that any couple that eats together, stays together - and this pizza pie shirt proves you're the the perfect match! Cute for an easy Halloween costume or an easy way to spot your significant other in an amusement park, we love this shirt for any couple who loves each other - and pizza. Scratchable World Map with Push Pins This gift is perfect for your world class adventurers! Any globetrotting couple would love this scratchable world map; every time they cross a new location off their wish list, they can scratch off the country, lotto-ticket style, to uncover a vibrant and colorful globe beneath. Slowly, over the years, they can build up their vacation travels with both passport stamps and a fun, exciting way to commemorate their trips! This gift also includes push pins for couples who prefer to leave their scratchable map in tact! Custom Family Pennant Flag We love the whimsical and casual look of pennant flags and how they're taking over home decor; no longer are felt pennants specific for sports enthusiasts anymore. We've seen custom pennant flags for cities and neighborhoods, bars and breweries, and now your living room can feature your very own flag! Whether you'd like to keep up the competitive spirit with your own "Team Family Name" or get creative with your customization, we love this simple but cute extra addition to any room! Custom Kansas Return Stamp What better way to celebrate your newly engaged or married friends by making their Thank You Card lives SO MUCH EASIER? Not only does a customized stamp come in handy for the massive amounts of handwritten thank yous your friends' will inevitably write, but this stamp is FREAKING CUTE. We love anything that celebrates our Midwest vibe and these custom stamps are a perfect combination for your heartland-loving friends! Have any other great gift ideas? Leave us a comment with some of your favorite gifts and check back - you might be featured!