Playful and Romantic Food Court Styled Shoot

GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. We got the newest styled shoot gallery sent to us from our girl Shelby Laine and we are SO EXCITED. With her creative brain always churning + us always craving to style our newest dresses and menswear, we love having these monthly photoshoots as an outlet. When we landed on a Towne West Mall photoshoot location, a truly iconic place in the Wichita lexicon, we KNEW we wanted to shoot our Allure Menswear Sea Glass suit. Plus, we just received a brand spankin' new DG Exclusive dress designer, so it was perfect timing to pull one of our favorite real #dgcouples Jane and Luke as our models. We've been dying to shoot them ever since we received their rockin' wedding photos and we are so grateful they agreed to play dress up with us in a mostly abandoned food court! Fall heels over head for this aesthetic in the way too many shots we picked below - we couldn't narrow down our favs!






Can y'all see why we were dying to get Jane and Luke behind our lens? Not only are they an effortlessly gorgeous couple, but they're naturals in front of the camera! We styled Jane in a brand new DG Exclusive dress and Luke in a stunning Sea Glass Allure suit - available for purchase only, currently, which is perfect for a groom wanting to tailor his fashion-forward wedding look. Also, we need to give a shoutout to our resident makeup queen, Lauren Doll - she always understands the assignment.







We LOVE how whimsical, sexy, and a tad spooky this photoshoot turned out. We loved the faux-abandoned vibe of the food court and the tile coloring was perfect against Luke's Sea glass suit. Plus, there were so many unique and interesting posing places that Shelby captured fabulously. We won't be surprised if this becomes a hot spot for local photographers once they see some of these shots!






Ready to look and feel this cool on your wedding day?! We can happily help style you to give you ALL the feels for your wedding photos. Show us these pics as inspiration during your appointment!