Playful + Romantic Rainy Day Styled Shoot ft. The Notebook Vibes

Do we have any Notebook fans in the house?! Because we have ALL the Noah + Allie vibes from our most recent collaborative shoot with Shelby Laine! We love having a creative team that pushes the boundary of traditional bridal shoots. This was so serendipitous because we actually didn't have this specific shoot planned. Shelby had an open afternoon due to a delayed engagement session thanks to the rain. She reached out to DG consultant/local photographer, Alexis, and her husband, Jarrett, to see if they'd be interested in leaning into the rainy day for some great content. Give them an hour, a quick change here in the DG dressing rooms, and then we sent them off to frolic in puddles and create magic. And it WORKED, Y'ALL. You're gonna wanna purposely schedule your next photoshoot during a rainstorm when you see these fabulous shots!







Y'ALL. WE WEREN'T KIDDING. We absolutely love the combination between soft and subtle, yet fierce and sexy in this photoshoot. There's a huge trend toward grainy editing, movement photos, flash photography, and more that help lean into the "imperfections" of photography. We love that most photographers, including Shelby, are gravitating toward a very raw and real form of shooting and editing. Plus, how dreamy do these shots look with overcast skies?! Shelby brought in the clear umbrellas (a photographer prop must-have, if we're being honest) to match the chill, effortless vibe of the Madi Lane dress we paired for Alexis. Jarrett rocked a Casual Groom option featuring tan pants, white shirt, and suspenders for an easy-going, Noah Calhoun-esque vibe.






After opening this gallery, we are READY to run into the next thunderstorm and dance in the rain! Would this be your vibe for a rainy day wedding elopement? How about a civil chic ceremony followed by a barefoot first dance in a drizzle? Rain on your wedding day is good luck, plus extra romantic - you'll wanna be Noah + Allie, too!