Ten 2019 Wedding Trends We LOVE

Ten 2019 Wedding Trends We LOVE. Mobile Image

Sep 14, 2018

For those brides who are looking for their ceremonies to stay trendy and fresh, there's a huge variety of styles that allow you to custom curate your special day. These are some of the trends we're seeing as brides begin to plan their 2019 weddings and we LOVE them. Add one or even a few to your own reception or ceremony to help create a trendy, yet timeless, look! Trend #1: MIXED METALS We are LOVING the mixed metals and multiple metallic looks! Gunmetal, silver, gold, rose gold, and more all mixed together can help give your wedding an interesting, edgy vibe without going over the top on color. Plus, since metals often serve as the neutral color in a color palette, this is the perfect opportunity to let your jewelry and details make a statement! Spice up your wedding with rocker-chic vibes by adding a chunky mixed metal necklace or multiple stacked bracelets. Trend #2: SUIT UP Sayonara, overt femininity and hello, androgyny! Bridal suits, whether two pieces or just a jumpsuit, have taken over the bridal runway. Perfect for tomboy brides or someone wanting to feel extra unique on their wedding day, bridal jumpsuits are rising in popularity due to their modern silhouette and comfortable design. Who doesnt love a comfortable jumpsuit to party the night away in? Trend #3: [NOT SO] WHITE WEDDING These are NOT your grandmothers wedding dresses! Modern day brides are shying away from traditional white and ivory gowns and instead are focusing on more ways to bring color into their wedding including their own gowns! While pastel colors still reign supreme (think blush, periwinkle, or silver), there are more than a few designers adding vibrant splashes to their collection. Its a surefire way to stand out during your wedding! Trend #4: GREEN WITH ENVY While the trend in outdoor weddings will never fully go away, more and more brides are preferring indoor venues with open-air concepts or closed venues with tons of greenery to brighten up the space. For outdoor enthusiasts who would love some extra green in their wedding, but cant/dont like outdoor weddings, bringing greenery into your d├ęcor is a perfect way to make your ceremony feel romantic and intimate. Popular options now include eucalyptus vines, palm leaves, and even wheat bundles a personal favorite of ours here in the Heartland. Trend #5: CANDID CAMERA [BUT IN THE SKY] We genuinely feel like videographers dont often get the credit they deserve. Instead of your traditional wedding highlight reel, many videographers are going above and beyond for their couples by creating spectacular memories. The most popular method is utilizing drones, particularly for those gorgeous overhead shots. Birds eye view perspectives have become extremely popular, along with occasional gag reel supplied by your videographer of all the days best goofs! Ask your vendor professional if they have the capability to do these unique features for you. Trend #6: GROOMSMEN VARIETY PACK Finally, the men get some love! While mismatching bridesmaids dresses have been popular for quite some time, for some reason, the other side of the aisle has stayed traditionally matching. Now, grooms especially are spicing up their party by allowing each of their groomsmen a unique look. Stay within the wedding color palette and this funky variety look will surely be a hit at your event! Trend #7: CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT Royal wedding inspiration is in full swing! Instead of the traditional veil, many brides have been swapping out the tulle for a unique tiara or extra-sparkly hair pins. Some brides are even pulling a Meghan with both accessories including! With the beautiful, messy low-bun weve been seeing on a lot of brides, tiaras and hair pieces have become our newest favorite trend. We love seeing the brides curate their outfit, complete with hair! Trend #8: FORGO THE FAVOR A memento from your wedding used to be standard fare for many couples, but the guests party favors have fallen out of favor in recent years. Instead of spending money on small keepsakes, brides and grooms instead are budgeting to create a unique guest experience. Mobile camper photobooths, magicians, specialty cocktails, lipstick touch up bars, or complimentary cigars on the patio are just some examples of extra guests experience options that enhance your attendees enjoyment but avoids the mundane favors. Trend #9: GEEK OUT YOUR DAY While theres nothing new about adding pieces of your favorite movies, books, music, or more to your wedding, having your preferred fandom make appearance throughout the night is a fun way to keep guests guessing. Many brides and grooms are opting for geeky details to help personalize their wedding. Whether ending your vows with Live long and prosper or waving wands at each other during your photos, there are plenty of ways to geekify your ceremony without making your love of fantasy/sci-fi the focus. Trend #10: GOLLY GEE-ODES Geodes, minerals, crystals, and other natural stones are making a huge impact in the wedding world. These organic-looking elements add a touch of edge to your event while still maintaining a romantic, elegant vibe. Weve seen brides use geodes as interesting table placements/seating chart cards to wearing minerals in their hair to even having their engagement rings be natural stone! Dont be afraid to use Mother Natures most beautiful gems to help give your day a unique feel. All photos found via Pinterest.