Upcoming Weddings Trends We Love

Upcoming Weddings Trends We Love. Mobile Image

Dec 19, 2018

With 2018 engagement season ramping up and 2019 right around the corner, we are so ready to usher in the new and exciting trends our 2019 brides are showcasing. There are so many unique and interesting wedding ideas coming our way that we can hardly contain our excitement! Scroll through some of the projected trends we're most excited to see during this new year! Shades of Purple Purple has officially replaced pink as the go-to accent color for weddings in 2019. Whether you want dramatic and deep violets or wistful wisteria, purple is a perfect way of adding a pop of color to your palette! We're seeing it everywhere - from decor to bridesmaids dresses to florals and even the grooms! Perfect Pampas Grass While florals have no means taken a back seat in wedding world, they have finally allowed other types of natural elements the opportunity to pop up in weddings. The biggest trend we're seeing is pampas grass, an airy and bohemian addition to any wedding. Pampas grass is a perfect way to make a statement while still staying true to a romantic, traditional vibe throughout the ceremony and reception. Check out all the amazing ways to incorporate pampas into your wedding. Velvet Over Everything We are suckers for textures here at DG and we are loving that so many brides are considering texture as well as color when planning their weddings. Velvet has taken over tons of wedding details; whether bridesmaids dresses or linens, we are so excited every time we see a touch of velvet. It's a perfect way to cozy up fall and winter weddings while also staying regal & posh! (This photo even features ANOTHER hot trend - keep reading!) Rusty Hues Let's say you're not a fan of purples - what other hot wedding colors can bring warmth to your wedding, but feel a little more down to earth? We are seeing lots of rust and metallic copper/bronze hues. What initially started as an accent color has now taken over color palettes everywhere. Our above photo shows a fabulous bridesmaid attire in rusty velvet and we LOVE how warm and comfortable the vibe is. Here are some other ways to bring rust into your big day. Here's Your Sign Signage is so important at weddings; whether printed programs or large signs visible to everyone, this allows your guests to flow through your event without hiccup. However, the type of signage is changing dramatically. Say goodbye to the cutesy chalkboards everywhere and make way for interesting, modern signage that keeps guests surprised! Some examples include clear and painted acrylic, mirrors, and lightboxes - just to name a few. Here's Your NEON Sign There's one particular sign trend we're seeing and loving recently - neon. While pricey, this accent makes a HUGE impact visually and also adds a touch of "cool" to any wedding ceremony. Many couples are using neon as part of their arbors, signs behind their head table, or simply as accent pieces throughout their space. You can customize with the married name or keep it simple with small picture pieces. Here are some of our favorite examples of neon. Groovin' Up Your Groom So many grooms are jumping into the trends - no longer are ceremonies only for the bride! There is a huge surge in men exercising autonomy in regards to their favorite wedding pieces, including their attire. Fashionable guys are making statements with patterned suits, metallic accents, and fun substitutions like bolo or velvet bow ties. Check out some of these extra savvy guys! Add A Slice of Fun Natural elements besides florals are having a moment right now and our absolute favorite is adding fruits to decor. We love the pop of color that fresh or fake fruits can add. For a light, airy feel, a perfect blend of citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes make a great statement while also can be considered edible decor! If you're wanting a darker, more moody feel, dark fruits like pomegranates and plums are perfect accents. Here are some ways to include fruit in your decor. Trying With Triangles Geometric accents are huge this season but the biggest and most visible is probably the love of triangle arbors. While their cousins the circle and hexagon arbors have been having their time in the limelight for a while, we love the powerful and bold statement that triangle arbors give. They're a great way to draw visual attention to the bride and groom, as they serve as almost a literal arrow, but also a fun installation piece that could serve as a photo backdrop later! Are you a 2019 bride inspired by these great trends? Send us your ideas and have a chance for your wedding to be featured!