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Jan 19, 2019

We love Bride Country - we really do. While brides are our bread & butter, we are also a formal wear boutique specializing in the foremost trendiest prom pieces. Whether you're looking for something to wear to Homecoming or Adult Prom (no judgement, we're going!), we love making memories with our #dggirls! We have a dedicated team of prom specialists who are trained in formal wear, prom styles, and creating total looks. We pride ourselves on finding the most unique and fabulous formal dresses for whatever your event is. Maybe you need something for military ball - or maybe you just want a gorgeous dress to lounge in. We love all reasons to dress up equally. Take a peek at some of our newest prom fashions along with some #DGBTS shots of our prom girls helping out! We are LOVING the amount of glitter fabric we're seeing this year. Metallics and textures are two of the most prominent features we're seeing in formal wear recently. Our favorite buzzword surrounding these dresses is "galatic!" We are diggin' the idea of a space-age prom! Can we talk about how fabulous these fabrics are?! Please and thanks. We LOVE these detail shots that Shelby caught of our prom dresses! Adding a belt or headpiece can easily add drama to any dress! We pride ourselves on having a warm, inviting space for all our girls to try their dresses on. We have a multitude of dressing rooms, multiple mirrors, and personal help from our prom team in order to find your perfect gown! Here are some #DGBTS shots of Hunter, our prom consultant, helping the senior reps into their dresses. Hunter is one of the most outgoing, personable people you'll ever meet. Not only does she help you find the ultimate cool gown, but she also keeps it real. She is the ultimate meme master and will definitely have you laughing while trying on dresses. Unsure of what size or style would look best on you? Ask Hunter! She's a great resource for all of our prom girls. This is Alex! Alex is our formal wear specialist. Not only is she a prom specialist, but she is also our menswear specialist. Did you know that prom dates get $10 off the cost of their menswear if their date is a #dggirl? Because they do. And Alex will get them taken care of because she's the boss of Tuxedo World (as we affectionately call it.) We are so excited for the 2019 prom season! Tag us on Instagram with the handle @dressgalleryprom to be entered in our seasonal giveaway! Also, can we politely freak out over the images our new official photographer, Shelby Laine Photography, provided for us?! We are STOKED for this partnership and all of the beautiful photos she's about to take for us. We is about to be a DG World staple!