10 Dope Wedding Photographers - Part Three

10 Dope Wedding Photographers - Part Three

10 Dope Wedding Photographers - Part Three. Mobile Image

Feb 02, 2021

This is Part Three of an ongoing series. Check out Part One and Part Two!

You ready?! It's time for us to take another deep dive into some of our favorite local/nearby wedding photographers. These lists are seriously in no particular order because we love all of these photographers, so if you're looking for someone to capture your big day, take a peek at some of our favorites!

Alycia Rife Photography

Buckle up, guys, because you're about to be blown away by Alycia's photos. We have been big fans of her work for years now and she comes highly recommended by our brides; her word-of-mouth reputation is beyond stellar. We love her natural, but just-a-tad-dusty editing style that keeps your pictures moody yet timeless!

Becca Louise Photo

So we feel super bad that it's taken us three posts to give a shoutout to Miss Becca. Not only is she a FAB photographer, but she's also a DG bride! So she really gets it, ya know? We have loved collaborating with her recently on a multitude of styled photoshoots; her creative and artistic viewpoint really shows in her couples' wedding galleries. She keeps her editing bright and natural with just a hint of moodiness - the perfect combination.

Jubilee Opal Photography

Holy smokeshow! Every time we've received a bride's gallery from Jubilee Opal, we've been blown away. Not only does she always deliver a ton of images, but she also has a great way of capturing her couple's natural happiness. We love her combination of earthy edits and black-and-white beauties; definitely check her out!

Kara Smith Photography

If you're ready to have the dreamiest, most ethereal wedding photos in the game, then you need to go talk to Kara. She has a unique vision when it comes to her galleries and we're loving her editing recently. It's a great combination of timeless and light along with a undertone of moodiness and emotion that we love. Some of our favorite brides have RAVED about Kara, so she should definitely be on your list!

Joshua Ayres Photography

If you're a bride looking for more traditional wedding photos, we definitely recommend Joshua. His classic editing and posing make for gorgeous, timeless photos that will stand the test of time. We love his attention to detail and how he manages to capture every smile!

Sincerely T Photography

Let us introduce you to another DG bride/photographer we love! Tonya is an absolute fabulous human being and a serious hustler man. Not only is she a wife & Momma, but she's also a multi-business entrepreneur! She runs Ciao Nail Salon (across the street from us in Delano!) along with her own photography business. We love her romantic, dreamy style of editing.

Gentle Rayne Photography

Time to introduce y'all to Jess, one of the coolest and edgiest photographers in the game. We were introduced during a styled workshop and ever since, we've been big fans. She takes moody portraits to a whole new level while still highlighting the natural beauty of the day. We think her detail shots are UNREAL - she won't miss anything on your big day!

Sublett Studios

If you're looking for a photographer with hundreds of hours under her belt, plenty of weddings, and an editing style she's perfected, then check out Sublett Studios. She has been one of the most consistent wedding photographers in Wichita for ages and there's a reason her reputation is so good; she knows her way around a camera. We love that she lets the natural beauty of the day shine and keeps her editing bright, light, and minimal.

R & B Photography

We love a good photography duo - it's a guaranteed way to make sure you have a second shooter at your event PLUS two sets of eyes capturing important moments is always better than one. Briley and Rylee are a fabulous combo that we've heard GREAT things about; they're relatively new to the Wichita photography scene, but we can tell they're not going ANYWHERE.

Emona Hennen Photography

Rounding out this list is one of our long-time favorite wedding photographers, Emona Hennen! She is a natural at capturing at couples in their element, totally happy and relaxed. Her galleries are full of natural poses, bubbly personalities, and tons of gorgeous photos. We think her golden hour photos are some of the best in biz!

Found your favorite photographer yet?! Is there someone we're missing?! Let us know on Facebook and we'll include them for ROUND FOUR, coming soon!