Mother's Gown Resources

Dress Gallery does not carry Mother’s Gowns. We know it can be tough to find what fits your style and we are here to help! Check out our resources below for suggestions on how and where to shop.


First, find your “vibe:”

We recommend Moms do a little research to figure out what vibe and style of attire they’d like to wear on their child’s wedding day. The traditional rules for Mothers have totally gone out the window; what matters is that you look & feel as confident as your child does. Take stock of styles you wear in your everyday life and what would make you feel comfortable on the wedding day. (If v-necks are a staple in your wardrobe, that’s a great neckline to look for in a gown.) There are many different dressiness levels for weddings these days. Some brides prefer black tie while others prefer a casual, rustic feel. Matching your look to the occasion is important, especially since Mothers are peripheral wedding party members. A sundress for an outdoor, down-to-earth wedding would be perfect, while a more formal gown would better suit a fancy, art museum wedding. Whether it’s a dress, jumpsuit, separates, or any combination, you can create almost any look!.


Find your color:

Take into consideration the wedding colors, along with what the rest of the bridal party is wearing. We like to have mother’s in a complimentary, but different, color than the rest of the women in the party. For instance, if the wedding colors are burgundy, navy, and gold, a great option for mothers is navy or even champagne. Coordinating colors that differ from the ‘maids dresses are a great idea to make mom a part of the group, but separate from the bridal party. Wear colors that compliment your skin & hair color. Doing so will allow you to feel and look your absolute best. While wedding party colors are important, don’t force yourself into an unflattering color simply because it matches the day. Finding complimenting colors to both the color palette and your skin tone is the best way to match, while still making sure you accentuate your features.



Find your comfort level:


When looking back at photos, mothers who feel confident and comfortable in their wedding attire are the ones who smile brightest, look happiest, and are genuinely enjoying the day instead of focusing on body insecurities. Pinpointing design features that make you feel best is important because it allows for a stylist to help narrow down options for you. If you’re searching on your own, this also gives you an idea of what to look for.


Take inventory of your wardrobe and attire you’ve worn for previous special occasions – what made you feel confident and beautiful? Whether that’s sleeves, a high neck, a shorter skirt, notating what makes you feel your best allows you to look for your wedding attire much easier. Also, be aware of any body insecurities you’d want to tackle in your attire. Finding design features that either hide those insecurities or highlight other positive points of your body will help you feel your best.

Where to Shop


Dillard’s Outlet (Towne West) – 4600 W Kellogg Suite 300
White House|Black Market (Bradley Fair) – 1900 N Rock Rd Ste 138
Von Maur (Towne East Mall) – 7700 E Kellogg
David’s Bridal (East Wichita) – 8241 E Kellogg Dr Space 2A
Nouveau (Bradley Fair) – 8107 E 21st St N
Dillard’s (Towne East Mall) – 7700 E Kellogg
Reni’s Bridal (West Wichita) – 2045 W 21st St
Parrot-Fa-Nalia (South Wichita) – 1719 S Hillside S
Sweet Illusion – 1325 E Douglas
Sincerely Susan – 9215 Pflumm Rd, Lenexa, KS 66215 – Worth the drive! 5/5 stars!